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Son I am have a friend and I like her very much. And I want to marry her. What are you saying Dad? Its not even a year since mother passed away and you are thinking of second marriage. Have you ever thought once how would I feel ? I know son that after listening this you would have felt bad. But Son I don’t want to hide anything from you. Vrunda and me met in a party. There we become acquainted and had friendship. She is a divorcee. After that we met several times. We came to know about each other and then we decided that you will marry. Dad. Now listen to me carefully. If any woman will come in place of mom in this home then I will leave this house. No Son. You will not go anywhere from this house. You will never go. I had thought that after few years you will marry and will get busy in your life then due to family responsibilities. You will not be able to spend time with me. At that time I will be alone. And at that age I need some support. Isn’t it? I shared this with you so that you will understand me. Dad I don’t want to understand anything. And I don’t want to talk ever on this topic with you. Son the dinner is ready. I am not hungry. You have it. Hello. Myself Ujwal Chopra Welcome to Gunah. As you have seen Chirag after his mother’s death was not ready to accept anyone to take her mother’s place. But his father Harshad was feeling the need of a partner in his life. And he wanted to make 35 year old Vrinda as his life partner who was a divorcee. Everyone needs a partner in this world. so that they can accompany each other. But Harshad was facing only one question that will Chirag understand him. The time will tell. Gunah Chirag. I am leaving for office in some time. Should I drop you if you want? No thanks Dad. I will go with my friends. Still you are angry on me? Yes it is justified. Son. If you think that I don’t want to marry Vrinda then I will not marry. I will convince her. But Son don’t behave with me like this please. Dad. Yes son. Dad. If you think that she will be accompany you till life time then its ok You marry her. But Dad I need some time to get along with you. And one thing Dad I will not give her my mom’s place. And tell her dad to not interfere in my life. I hope you don’t mind. Chirag She is Vrinda. Vrinda He is my son Chirag. Hi. Hi. Welcome. This is my home. Our home. Chirag will show the entire house Go my son. Dad actually I have to do some project so I am busy. Come. Coffee. Ohh. Thank you very much. Welcome. No thanks. What happened son? Take the coffee. No dad I am not in a mood. Its ok. Tell me when you are in a mood. Chirag. Yes. What are you searching? My book was kept over there. Which book? Logical Reasoning. Yes Where is it? I have kept the book in your room. See Please don’t bother about any of my things. Maybe Dad would have told you. And please this is my first and last request. Don’t try to be like my mother. Because no one can take my mother’s place. Please stay away from me and my things. (crying) Vrinda. What happened? Did Chirag said something? Take one more. No enough. I am full. Ok. Bye Vrinda Bye. Bye Chirag. Bye Dad. Hi. I am sorry. I shouldn’t have talked like that. Please forgive me. Friends? As time was passing by Chirag and Vrinda’s friendship was flourishing. Chirag had understood that Vrinda is a perfect life partner for her dad. and now she is a integral part of their family, I told you that don’t call me. But you don’t listen to me. Naved I didn’t came here to roam. It will take time to do what we want. So please don’t disturb me. I will call you back. Ok. Now put the phone. You. You scared me. What are you doing here in the night? Are you not feeling sleepy and with whom you are talking at this time? I came for a walk. I got a call from a friend. I was talking with the friend. Ok. But why you are here? I was not feeling sleepy so I thought to go on a walk. Ok let’s go. We will go on walk together. Sure. What happened you are looking so happy ? Yes Vrinda I am happy today. I felt happy to see you and Chirag mingling together. I thought Vrinda my family is complete now. Now after transferring all my property in Chirag’s name I will be free. O Really. After my death everything is going to be of Chirag t then why not to transfer it now. But why so early? Why? What happened? Nothing You will never talk about death again. Understood. Ok dear. But whatever decision I have taken is it right? Of course yes. It is the perfect decision. You don’t take any decision without thinking of. I have complete faith on you. You would have thought something good behind this decision, What happened? Why are you looking like this? I love you. I love you too. (phone ringing) Who is calling? Its from customer care . They don’t have any other work they keep calling to give new offers. Ok. They keep troubling. (phone ringing) Naved is calling. Who is he? He is my friend. Have you gone mad? Why are you calling so many times? I told you many times that don’t call me. Don’t you understand. Its good that Chirag didn’t had any doubt otherwise Tell me what the matter? You. When did you came? I have came just now. But where were you? I had gone to pay the mobile bill. Bill pay. That can be done online also. It was not getting paid online so I thought to pay it at the shop. You would have told me this. Yes but I didn’t want to disturb you. Ok. I thought I saw you with a man When I came home I saw a woman was hugging a man. near our house. So I thought you are the one that I saw. Me No. Why should I hug to some man? You had seen someone else. Yes may be. I might have seen someone else. I’ll just come I have some work. Hello. I think Chirag has seen us Don’t come here till I tell you. Ok. Ok. Dad. Today while coming home I saw Vrinda hugging to someone. While hugging. He may be some relative of her. Bur dad it was not a normal hug. He was my husband. What? Yes. After divorcee he is behind me. He want me to forget everything and go back to his house. But I will not go. I can’t spend a single moment with him. But you were hugging him. He was confessing his mistake in front of me. He was crying. He had came to take me with him. But I denied him. that I will not go with him. And we will not meet anytime after today . We were meeting at the last time. That’s why I had to hug him. Otherwise I don’t want to see his face. But I have seen he was not crying. He was looking normal. He was crying. You are lying. Dad I have seen with my eyes he was not crying. I think Chirag is still angry on me. Chirag If you think I should not live here. then tell me. But please. Don’t make dirty accusations on me. Hey Vrinda. Vrinda. Stop crying. I am telling you stop crying. I am with you. Chirag. Go in your room. And concentrate on studies. But Dad. I am telling you concentrate on your studies. Go. Crying. Crying. I told you don’t call me But you don’t listen to me. Naved I have not came here to roam. It will take time to do what we want. Please don’t disturb me. I will call you. What happened? You haven’t slept yet. As expected. See You can deceive dad but not me. I will find out your reality. O really. How will you find out my reality? Hmm. If I say the truth then your doubt was right. Naved was not crying. and neither he came to take me from here. Can I tell one more truth. Naved and I were never divorced. He is still my husband. He was missing me so he came here to meet. Who are you? Why do you came in our life? What do you want from us? Right now I am your mother. What do you think? Stay away from me. Right now tell me what do you want from us? Your entire property. Listen carefully. You will not get a single penny from us. Do you understand? Hey small kid. I know what I want to do. I know how to acquire this property. Not you, your father will give himself. Do you understand? Now do what you want? Good night. One more new story. Chirag do you want that I should get Vrinda out of house. I don’t understand what do you want? Dad please trust me. She told me about this. What? Who said what? Dad. Don’t believe on this woman she is cheating you. Chirag. Again your putting accusations on me. What is your problem? What wrong I did to you? Now its enough. I can’t tolerate insult in this home. I am leaving. Wait. Dad. Let her go. This is her drama. Stop it Chirag. Enough is enough. I am leaving. Vrinda stop Vrinda. You will not go anywhere. Dad what are you saying? Stop it chirag. If you say anything against Vrinda then no one will be worse than me. Go to your room now. You are shouting on me for a outsider woman. She is not a outsider She is your mother. What is this? You shared 30% of your property in my name. But when did I say that I want share in your property? I can’t take this. When Chirag will come to know about this then his doubt will turn into reality. That I married you for the sake of property. It doesn’t matter me what Chirag thinks about it. Before that I have made all my property in his name. I thought after me he will take care of you. But nothing seems like that Vrinda Anyone will support you or not But I will always support you. Hmm. What are you doing in my room? You came to know or not. Wht? See. Your father has made 30% share of property in my name. What? What happened? Are you shocked? This is only the trailer. The picture will complete when I will take all the remaining 70% share in my name. But. Now what will you do? What will happen to you ? How cheap are you? You will cheat like this. Take this. These types of childish ideas will not work in front of me. But what will you do you are a kid? Sweet baby. Now Chirag was facing another aspect of Vrinda that he never imagined. On one hand Chirag wanted to reveal Vrinda’s reality to her father But on the other side Vrinda was not leaving any chance to trap Harshad by talking lies. Harshad was unaware that Vrinda to whom he was considering life partner was cheating on him. Will Chirag succeed in revealing Vrinda’s reality in front of his father or Vrinda will create a new trap to stop him from succeeding. What happened? You are looking happy today? Why? I shouldn’t be happy? I got the evidence to ruin you. Oh really. Let me see what is the evidence with which I can get ruined. Chirag Please don’t tell about this to your dad. I will do whatever you want. O really. Please. Give me back my phone. Take this. Show it to your dad. I will kill you. Chirag leave me. Chirag. Leave me. I will kill you. Hey Chirag what are you doing? Go away. Save me. Dad you don’t know how bad this woman is. Save me from him. He crossed the limits today. He was trying to force on me, Daddy she is lying. How dare you? You are not worthy to say as my son. Get out from my house. Crying What happened? I was thinking about Chirag. Vrinda. How anyone can cross such limits? I am also upset for this. It seems like If I wouldn’t have been there then there wouldn’t have be any problem between you. I will never forgive for this act. Leave your anger. Have a cup of milk. No. I am not in a mood. You have it. How can I drink it? Its for you. What happened if its for me you have it. I don’t want to drink. Why? That What ? You are denying like you have mixed some poison in it. What are you saying? I will mix poison in your milk. If you have not mixed then have it. You are doubting on me. Vrinda what are telling me to drink same thing I am telling you to drink That’s it. Come on Vrinda. Have it. I am offering you. I don’t wanna drink. Have it. I don’t wanna drink. Don’t you feel ashamed for making dirty allegations on me. It seems you have gone mad like your son. Don’t take my son’s name. Don’t ever take my son’s name. I have seen you mixing something in the milk glass. Now tell me who are you? And with what aim you have came here? To destroy your family and to kill you. Because my brother did suicide because of you. About whom you are talking? Brijesh Varma. I am his sister. You have insulted him and thrown out from your company. His invested was denied to return due to which he faced financial loss and to survive from the borrowers and fear he did suicide. And the only reason for this is you Harshad Patel. He has not died because of me. He got loss due to his stupidness. I don’t want to listen rubbish. I have created distance between you and your son And now. And by killing you I want to destroy all your property. Hey Vrinda. Vrinda. Take it away Now no one will save you. In our today’s story you have seen How Vrinda’s planned game became her cause of death. Vrinda has entered in Harshad life with a cruel aim. She wanted him to destroy financially also she had planned to kill him. So that she can take the revenge of her brother. On the other hand Chirag had got the clue that Vrinda’s entrance in his life is not normal. And there is some aim behind it, He tried many times to convince him But he failed every time. But after some time Vrinda’ reality revealed in front of Harshad. If Vrinda wanted to take the revenge of his brother then she would have taken the help of law. But she didn’t do that. She chose the way of Crime. And the crime is always the crime which made 19th year old Chirag to be a criminal. while trying to save his father. What Chirag did was right or wrong is not in our hands. It is the duty of law. But what Vrinda did was totally wrong. It’s always a matter of thinking that what we get after taking revenge or evil thoughts? We will meet again with a new story Till then take care Namaskar.

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