Guy Gilbert’s “Écouter Dieu à travers les autres” read LIVE by OÁC

Been 44 years a priest; I evangelize keeping my big mouth shut. Listening to God through others Each being is a monstrance. If we look at each person with the eyes of God, we will know neither peril nor fear. And when we search
within every being on earth the mysterious transparency of God, we have absolutely nothing to fear. For this reason, we can say
that every encounter is a prayer. Any encounter with a human being is a form of prayer. Everything we behold
should bring forth prayer in us. Nothing is simpler or more profound
than this contemplation. We are surrounded by humans. Let each of your encounters be a prayer. If you quickly pass others by, hearing them without listening, nothing happens between beings. Really listening to the other is listening to God deeply. This look of the Christian on the other is unlimited prayer. When we come to think of it, we pray as we live. If we make room for God, then our prayer will be heard, we will then thirst for prayer, and we will be in the daily lives
of people listening. God will show through us naturally because we will be
in an uninterrupted dialogue with Him We will be with Him through others and in every space of time and space of silence that we’ll give Him. Guy Gilbert December 2008 ERRATUM: 18 february 2016

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