H.E.R. – Focus (Official Video)

Me Can you focus on me Baby can you focus on me
Me Hands in the soap How the faucets running and
I keep looking at you Stuck on your phone or your
stuck in your zone You don’t have a clue
But I don’t wanna give up Baby I just
Want you to get up Lately I’ve been
A little fed up Wish you would just focus on
Me Can you focus on me Baby can you focus on me
Me Me
Can you focus on me Baby can you focus
On me Lazy and broke No he get this money
So I guess I can’t complain But I feel alone even
when we’re alone And that don’t cost a thing But I don’t wanna give up Baby I just want you to get up Lately I’ve been a little fed up Wish you would just focus on me Can you focus on me Baby can you focus on me
Me Me
Can you focus on me Baby can you focus on me
Me Baby focus
Can’t you see I just wanna love you baby Look me in my eyes

100 thoughts on “H.E.R. – Focus (Official Video)

  1. My favorite song I am also using my dads phone so don't think this is my dad

  2. H.e.r in Sza Ella Mai I love them they Songz give me chills

  3. I thought this was Alicia Keys the whole time 😵

  4. Sound like an Aaliyah beat dragged out and slowed down.😒

  5. LMAO i was doing my homework while listening to this and she said can you focus on me and i felt like my homework was talking to me bc i was distracted 😂😂😂😂

  6. Why do I feel like it’s all the rnb singers that barely get recognition? Like Ella mai, sza, frank ocean, ect. H.E.R. Is jus one of them n I hope people get the recognition they deserve music should be something shared with everybody cuz anyone should be able to hear it n enjoy it. It shouldn’t be kept a secret or jus between some people cuz how will other people find the music they love? All artists should be able to have their shine.

  7. i know she wants us to focus on her music not her but what i do see of her is beautiful!

  8. H.E.R. This Focus on me video whill get a milion views

    Ariana Grande: hold my beer
    Ps. I have a Video Focus on me sk your a copy cat

    H.E.R Oh really? WHELL F#@K OFF GRANDE

    Ariana Grande: says a girl thats not popular

    Which song is better?

    H.E.R focus on me
    Ariana Grande Focus On Me

  9. H.E.R., I love this song so much, I can't focus . Love it love it…

  10. I swear this sounds like Zelda ocarina of time lol very beautiful tho good music I love it

  11. Who is that leading man? H.E.R. can hide her face but I want to see his face.

  12. It's like 85% Mariah Carey and 15% Ariana Grande but with the aesthetics of Alicia Keys. I LOVE!

  13. I'm sorry but I have to say it you have to sing for white people to be in the game

  14. i feel like im drowning in to deep with this music, i dont want anyone to help me..

  15. I'm late as hell!! First time listening and my mind is fucking blown!! 😱😱

  16. Who's here after Opal Staples' gospel version of this song on Sunday Best?

  17. Am I crazy or is this one of the cleanest songs ever made? from vocals to production.. everything. Also do y'all hear how she layered her vocals.. awww mann.

  18. The part where her man is playing video games and she said "But I feel alone even when we're alone.." I FELT THAT!

  19. Hey guys! So I just posted a cover of this song and I would really really appreciate it if ya'll could give it a quick listen…
    Also, If anyone is keen to be youtube friends that would be amazing too

  20. I discovered HER maybe 3 months ago and have been obsessed ever since.

  21. I love this song. Speaks for itself.
    But I LOVE the bottom on this tune … how it lights up my subwoofers in my car. At a stoplight … volume on five (out of 12) watching through tint as the driver of the vehicle next to me is looking around thinkin', "Why is my chest vibrating?" lol

  22. Your music touches my soul I ain’t got more to say I’m so glad to discover your music

  23. Good Song. Crappy Video. You don't shoot a girl this beautiful and sexy in shadows. Whoever directed this is lame. Throw this in the trash and start over.

  24. Even though it Premiered before she came on the Scene.Anybody else feels like this could have been😁(No H.E.R.)pun intended 👻 &TASHA'S Theme Song ??

  25. Missy Elliott sent me here. holleeee shit, where have I been? damn… damn, she is killing me softly… i can relate so hard, sometimes wish he would just focus on me…

  26. This is always be my song when my older daughter sing the song its everything to me . who still listen to this In 2019.

  27. Not gonna lie. Didn't like this song at first but the more I listened to it, the more it grew on me.

  28. i see 2k dislikes who in the world dislikes such artistry…yall are in need of help….

  29. My whole MOOD right now.. thank you lovely soul for putting my feelings into wonderful music🎶

  30. I'm so happy to find out who's behind this beautiful song, because I kept hearing it on the radio, but the dj never mentions her name at all.

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