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Haiku Poems On a withered branch a crow has settled autumn evening Bamboo shoots and my childhood sketches of them Old pond a frog jumps in water’s sound Thank you for watching please like and subscribe to our channel

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  1. Thank you so much Drifting Clouds for this beautiful Japanese poem. The images and music has made us connect with the sensitiveness of Haiku. Congratulations

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  3. Absolutely brilliant upload my friend 😃 I love haiku poetry , the music was very befitting and complimentary. I wish I could have liked twice ,thank you for sharing ,have a wonderful day. ☮️✌️😊

  4. Excellent creation.I enjoyed it! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Very beautiful poem and video. …so relaxing :))
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  6. 松尾芭蕉の俳句は子供のころから学校で習いました。

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  11. Beautiful poem.. Thank You for sharing these images very creative Translation Xx

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  14. Really like your concept here. The music, imagery and the words popping out. Beautiful poem 💕

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  18. Relaxing, very well accompanied by accurate explanations.
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  21. Good haiku…. keep-up the good work… May I share a haiku for Victor Hugo in You Tube Z_7uYA-kx0w

  22. Adorable video 👍🏻 Beautiful combination of images, music and Japanese haiku. Thanks a lot for sharing. Big Like 👍🏻 and subscription to your lovely channel. ☀️

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  24. I am looking at this video cuz this is my homework that I have to write a Haiku poems.

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  26. The old pond haiku is from the famous poet Basho.. I just did a paper about him! Good examples 😁

  27. Deep in her burrow
    rabbit sleeps she dreams of spring
    and tasty flowers

  28. Flight of dragonflies
    Is most pleasing to the eye.
    Sun on azure wing.

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