Hailee Steinfeld Totally Takes Credit for Setting Up Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas

-I want to start off
by addressing a couple rumors that I’ve heard.
-Uh-oh. -Okay? They’re all good.
-All right. -First rumor — you’ve been
working on new music. -This is true.
-Really? -Yes.
[ Cheers and applause ] -‘Cause I love your stuff.
-Thank you so much. Yes, I’ve been working —
I’ve been working on a lot of music
for a long time, and my fans
are very aware of that. And they’ve been so patient,
which I’m so thankful for because I’ve had some really
wonderful opportunities that have kind of taken me away
from the music for periods of time. But I can say
that early next year, new music will be out. -Early next year.
All right. Good. Good, good, good. I love that. Second rumor.
-Yes. -Is it true that you set up
Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas? -No. Are they saying that? I will totally take credit
for that if they’re saying it. -Yeah. No, that’s what I heard.
-Really? -I heard you set them up. -I definitely got the, like,
“Tell me about Joe Jonas” call. -Oh, really?
-Sophie and I — Yeah. Sophie and I have been friends
for years. She’s one of my favorite humans.
And Joe, same. Joe and I worked together
a couple years ago, and he is also
a wonderful person. -Yeah.
-And it worked, so… Yeah, I’ll take credit for that.
Sure. -Yeah — Yeah. So she just
called you up and said, “Hey, I’m dating Joe Jonas.”
-Well, no. She called me,
and she was like — This is — I don’t remember when,
but she called and said — Because she knew that I knew him and sort of asked
for my opinion. -Yeah.
-I gave her the truth. I won’t tell — I won’t say
everything I said to her. -Yeah, yeah. All right. Good. -No, I gave her
my stamp of approval. -And now they’re married.
-And now they’re married. -Yeah, that’s fantastic.
-Yeah. -See? All right, good.
You helped her out. All right. Good.
Now let’s talk “Dickinson.” -Yes.
-Emily Dickinson. This is on Apple TV+.
This is the debut of Apple TV+. -Yes, it is.
-November 1st. -November 1st, this show —
-It’s the whole thing. It’s brand-new.
It’s changing the game. -The whole thing is coming.
I know. I’m very excited. It’s been so wonderful to see
it all sort of come together, and it’s actually,
finally, happening. -How is it working with Apple?
Do you like that? -Oh, yeah.
It’s really incredible. They are — I mean, it’s Apple. -Yeah, I know.
They’re pretty big. But can you — Answer me this. Is it like Netflix
where, like — Do you get all the episodes
at once? -So, in our case, you will be
able to get all 10 episodes of “Dickinson” on November 1st,
when the platform launches. Which is very exciting. And it’s, in my opinion,
very easy to binge this show. So I’m very excited about that.
-It’s binge-worthy. Yes. -Very binge-worthy I think.
-And you were at the big event they had like,
in Cupertino or whatever. -Yes. Yeah.
-With like — It was you, it was,
uh, Jennifer Aniston. -Jennifer Aniston.
-Oprah. -Oprah was there.
-Come on. Look at the picture
of you and Oprah. -Photo evidence, people. -Photo or didn’t happen.
Come on. How great? [ Cheers and applause ] I love — I love Oprah.
She just — -I mean, yeah. She —
It was the most insane thing. I had met her previously before and, of course, saw her there.
-Yeah. -And debated, you know,
of course, saying hello. But then a million reasons not
to do that came into my brain. So I didn’t. But then, before I knew it, Oprah sort of tapped me
on the shoulder and said, “Hailee, it’s so great
to see you.” And I forgot every word
in the English language. I had no idea
what to do with my hands. I was just —
Then she asked for a photo. And I don’t think
I’ve ever looked happier in a photo in my life.
-You really are. Yeah, you were having
a great time there, yeah. That’s very good.
-Oh, God. -Let’s talk about
producing “Dickinson.” You’re producing “Dickinson.”
-Yes, I am. -Why? Why did you produce it?
-Well — Yeah. This is my first time
executive producing a project. -Do you like doing it?
-Yeah, I do. It’s a — It’s a —
It’s a different process. -Yeah.
-But — But really incredible to be a part of something
that I do care so much about and so moved by — just being a part of, you know, certain
decision-making processes and seeing something
really come together from the beginning,
middle, to the end. -Were you a fan of
Emily Dickinson before this? -I knew of her poetry, having
read some of it in high school, but I didn’t know much
about her. And I’m so thankful
for this show and having had the opportunity
to play her, because she truly is quite
an interesting human, and I think the world will agree, hopefully,
when they see the show. -It’s good.
It’s beautifully shot. And, also, some good laughs
in there, too. -Yes.
-And Wiz Khalifa. -Wiz Khalifa’s in the show.
-How — How did that happen? -That’s a great question.
-Yeah. -Well, so, Emily has — You can pick this up
after reading one poem. She’s got the most wild
imagination. She has this sort of fascination
with death and the idea of death. And in our show, Wiz Khalifa
plays the character of Death, who Emily is, again, fascinated and sort of in love with,
in a sense. And so we wanted basically
the coolest person ever to play this character and — -Yeah, and I wasn’t available.
-With — Well, right. -And so —
-Well, we went — -Thank you, yeah.
-Yeah, no sure. But that was Wiz.
Second to you, so… -And how was —
How was Wiz to work with? -He was great.
-I love him. -He’s wonderful.
Best sense of humor. Always — Well, yeah.
He’s always laughing, but I mean, I guess,
we might know why? -Yeah, usually when people
are around him, everyone’s laughing.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. -He’s always having a good time. -It’s great.
I want to show everyone a clip. Here’s Hailee Steinfeld
in “Dickinson.” Take a look at this. [ Knock on door ] -Emily! [ Knock on door ]
Emily, wake up! [ Knock on door ]
-Ugh! -You have to go fetch water. -It is 4:00 in the morning,
Lavinia. I’m writing. -Mother says you have to.
I did it yesterday. -[ Sighs ]
Why doesn’t Austin do it? -Austin is a boy. -This is such bull [bleep]. -Hailee Steinfeld, everybody.

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