32 thoughts on “Haleema Qadri – An 'Illiterate' Kashmiri Female Poet of Budgam

  1. iska aik song toh abdul gaffar kanihami ne bhi gaya hai . woh koansa song hai?

  2. Respectable woman who mostly focused on Allah (s.w.t) and prophet Mohammad (s.a.w) in her poetry.May Allah bless you here and hereafter.

  3. This women accidentally met me in train few days back.
    What a great mother.

  4. Aunty I respect you with all my heart ..May Allah bless you and give you more knowledge…This is an inspiration for every Kashmiri…The quest of knowledge of this mother is an answer to boys and girls who are given platforms to study and they end up hating education…Maybe she could have achieved great heights but was not lucky enough to get an opportunity…You are worth all respect my dear mother….From your son who hopes to meet you one day…

  5. Masha Allah
    Mai aapki kitaab zaroor padhugi…
    Fond of kashmiri poetry…
    Tears in eyes….love you…
    U r an inspiration👍

  6. Allah Bless u Dear Mom… Really this is the merical of Allah & his Rasool…

  7. علاقہ کھاگ کو بہت بہت مبارکباد پیش کرتا ہو

  8. plz provide this book to me, Azizm,, it will be ua greatness

  9. hamerey khag main aise b log rehtey hai very nice Allah paak aap ko boht izat dey imaan ata karey aur kaamyabi dey

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