Halloween | A Haunted House on Halloween Night | Mother Goose Club Halloween Songs for Kids

[music plays] A Haunted House on Halloween Night [music plays] This is really spooky I don’t want to go Don’t worry, it’s Mary’s same old house dressed up for a Halloween party! Just like us! Why does Halloween have to be scary? I don’t like it Getting scared can be exciting! It’s like a surprise! Come on! Give it a try with me! [door squeaks] [door squeaks open] Ghost: “Ooooooh” [thunder] [thunder] Humpty, it’s just me! Eep? [thunder] [thunder] [thunder] Humpty! Are you ok? Yes, but I’m not coming out. [Gasp] Humpty! That was super spooky! I guess being scary can be fun… Sometimes… On Halloween anyway. Boo! Happy Halloween! [music plays]

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