Hannah’s Poem • “What if my melodies are the one’s nobody hears?”

Wow, this is scary. Today, I am wearing lacy black underwear. For the sole purpose of knowing I am wearing them. And underneath that? I am absolutely naked. And I’ve got skin. Miles, and miles of skin. I’ve got skin to cover up all my thoughts like saran wrap that you can see through what leftovers are inside from the night before. And despite what you might think my skin is soft and smooth and easily scarred. But that doesn’t matter, right? You don’t care how soft my skin is. You just wanna hear about what my fingers do in the dark. But what if all they do is crack open windows? So I can see lightening through the clouds. What if all they crave is a jungle gym to climb for a taste of fresher air? One, two, three. Some girls know all the lyrics to each others songs. They find harmonies in their laughter. Their linked elbows, echo in tune. What if I can’t hum on key? Wait! Come back! What if my melodies are the ones nobody hears? Some people can recognise a tree a front yard and know they’ve made it home. How many circles can I walk in before I give up looking? How long before I’m lost for good? It must be possible to swim in the ocean of the one you love without drowning. It must be possible to swim, without becoming water yourself. But I keep swallowing what I thought was air I keep finding stones tided to my feet. It sounds like shit. Do you write? You look like you write. I do but- not in a show anybody – ever. You knew the shit I shared was personal. You knew where it came from and you knew it would get people talking. You should publish this. No – no way. And then you turned around, and made my most private thoughts a public spectacle. [Today I am wearing lacy black underwear] [I wonder who’s the skank who wrote this?] Why would she write something like this? It’s so humiliating. It’s her writing. I can totally recognise it. What the hell, Ryan? So you bare your heart to one person and everybody ends up laughing. How could you do that to me? I did you a favour, Hannah. You’re a beautiful poet your work deserved to be heard. It’s my life Ryan, it’s not yours! Get your own! I wonder who wrote it. One dark human being, that’s for sure. I’m not sure I’d want to hang out with her. Hannah, was crying out for help right under their noses. And under ours. And we need to move. No, I’m a- paperback, write in the margins kind of girl. I’m never going back. Hey, it’s so good to see you. We’ve missed you. You have? Shit happens, and people suck. Well um- I don’t really write poetry anymore. Maybe that’s why I stopped writing? And eventually started making tapes. I started with Justin Hannah, right? Right. and then Jessica. Who each broke my heart. Fuck you! Alex Tyler Courtney Marcus. Who each helped to destroy my reputation. What the fuck, Courtney? Yeah, everyone already thinks she’s a slut so why not just pile on? On through Zach, and Ryan who broke my spirit. Why me, Zach? Why me? Through tape number twelve. Bryce Walker. We’re just having fun. Who broke my soul. But a funny thing happened as I finished number twelve I felt something shift. I had poured it all out. And for a minute just a minute I felt like maybe I could beat this.

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  1. It hurts so much when I see this. Not only because It's realictic, but that It reminds me of myself. Hannah reminds me of myself. She was not only lost, but just want to be uderstand even by one person. When she heard that everyone was making fun of her poem, she stucked in her emoctions, and couldn't let go. I totally understand her character. She didn't survive this pain. I'm thinking how long I will.

  2. For minute…just a minute, I felt like I could beat this…

  3. Hannah was such a beautiful girl. This story really hit me … I wish that people finally understand how fast you can actually go. People hurt and do not admit it. I hate that (I'm sorry, my english is very bad ..)

  4. Hannah could have used poetry as a positive coping mechanism to deal with her depression.

  5. I watch this video daily, especially if it's 3am and my mood has completely dropped.
    such a masterpiece, I can't even begin to describe how it makes me feel.

  6. I am only human. since high school I've been bullied by everyone. all my classmates, all my schoolmates, there are even teachers who also bully me. they are nice to me, but not behind me. they spread rumors about me that even rumors were not true. they bully me psychologically. they bully me with satire. until now, my mental and psychic were destroyed. I become irritable, easily anxious, often thinking of things that are not. often even worrying about something that isn't even certain is true. I'm afraid to open myself, I'm afraid to follow the organization. I'm afraid everyone believes in the rumor and they stay away from me. I'm afraid. I'm currently studying in a city far from my home town. I live alone. away from parents and family. even though I was far from my home town, still I felt fear. I don't have any friends. I don't trust anyone because I'm still hit by fear and anxiety. no one I can talk to. I'd better just die. but I don't want to kill myself. I'm still trying to stay alive. I'm still trying to
    complete the remaining 2.5 years of college. I hope I stay strong until I graduate. Hi to everyone who read this, please give me a reason why my life still worth? Will i finish my college? I just wanna give up

  7. “It’s stupid how she blamed people for her death. Only she had the choice to kill her self

  8. This is true,
    People don’t see them cry through fake smiles,
    No one saves them when they need saving…
    Or well they die,
    People don’t see that that one person is dieing Inside ready to die,
    People ask are u okay and u answer ‘ im FINE’
    But really that person doesn’t know what’s happen to u or don’t even give living care about u,
    I been hurt over and over but no one sees the pain they have drawn to me,
    I wake up thinking I’m fine but I feel suicidal,
    But no one sees that,
    Stop listening and start seeing,
    Don’t judge a book by its cover,
    And if u see something odd look out for them,
    U know every year teenagers die from suicide from things like this,
    That’s all I have to say,
    But pls tern the numbering down pls

  9. I’ve re-listened to this so many times because I love this edit and this poem♥️

  10. Que edição top realmente deve ter dado trabalho,as ficou perfeito rs, não tem como não se emocionar

  11. That wasn’t her poem in the book. Her poem in the book was short and about her love.

  12. People how many suicides will it take , to realise that the shit you talk hurts 😢😔

  13. I told my friend I had depression. She told me everyone has a bad life and to get over it. She said I'm telling her to get attention. I will never open up to anyone ever again. I'm broken and she could have healed me.

  14. Stupid people who made fun about her masterpiece .. ignorants and hypocrites

  15. ,,Some people can recognize a tree, a front yard, and know they've made it home."
    ,,How long before I'm lost for good."
    Those two lines are killing me, because I can relate so much. I can't recognize my home, because I don't have one. I don't feel like home.. when I'm "home".
    I don't know how long I'm able to keep going. When I'll break for good and who will be there to help me? So many people hurted me, killed pieces in my soul and heart and yet I'm still trying to trust, but slowly losing a hope. How long before I'm lost for good?

  16. I love this show and her poems. It was so relatable and real. She was so incredibly talented.

  17. It's an art! This video is an art. This poem is a fucking art and this show is everything..💕

  18. Death, a single word that basically we all go through wether it’s a friend or family or just a classmate or something that internally kills you , suffocating your happiness drowning you , if happiness was a choice, people say depression is fake sadness is a choice, it’s not, depression is something that literally and figuratively kills you whether by suicide or a long line of empty loneliness, death is something terrible and depression is always cp

  19. امريكا مليانه كتير من التنمر رغم تقدمها مصر معندهاش الموضوع ده ال معي لايط

  20. She called out for help so many times but no one helped her now that she’s dead they’re all over her help people when they need it

  21. Hannah Baker is literally my favorite character ever. I relate to her so much, and I love 13RW so much because it's a reflection of my life and what I've had to go through. In high-school, I broke up with a boy and he ended up spreading a bunch of bullshit rumors that weren't true about me all across school. It was my freshman year, and my first year at the specific high school. I skipped lunch everyday and would write poetry and cry in the bathroom stalls. I walked up and down those hallways terrified because girls were threatening to jump me and even worse. I went to the administration 4 times and they did nothing each times other than put me in ISS "for my own safety" for a day, then I was right back out to deal with it again. The only reason why it stopped was because the school year ended. I was called a slut, a whore, etc. At the age of 14, I was raped by someone who was my best friend. I never told anyone, and he's still walking around to this day. I debated suicide nearly everyday for 3 years after, and as of January this year have I actually began healing. Whenever she said ".. and tape 12, for Bryce Walker, who broke y spirit.." I felt that because my rapist broke my spirit for such a long time. Hannah Baker's story breaks my heart because as a poet, I see her as such a beautiful soul. I would've loved to have been friends with her, to just shelter her and protect her from those people who wronged her. So, every time I can, I try making a difference in young girls lives as a girl myself. We need to empower one another, not break each other's spirits.

  22. Why does people hurt other people? We should love each other, help each other.
    When did humanity go wrong?
    Is human nature evil or something?

  23. Triste pero ..es la realidad..😥no fue justo para ella..!!te hace llorar .pero comprender.que no todo es como parece..

  24. And here is a poem that I wrote. <3 Empty Feelings

    I'm tired, but I don't want to sleep.

    I'm hungry, but I don't want to eat.

    Why must I continue to keep

    These feelings of utter defeat.

    Can happiness be called to one

    Even if they do not allow it to come

    All of these daily perilous feelings

    Those silly little empty feelings.

    Oh, but life tells us to keep trying

    Even if we might just feel like dying

    So keep that chin up, Keep the smile on the face

    And laugh, so that you might just win this race

    The days CAN be happy once more

    If you do your long, hard daily chores

    So it is time for the search to begin

    The search for what gives fulfillment

    Even when your thoughts are bent

    Now you have these many good feelings

    Don't go back to those harsher dealings

    Never allow those empty feelings to return

  25. How many more miles do i have to walk with these stone tied to my feet, these chains around my wrists, this rope around my neck?

  26. Omg this has been one the most beautiful things I’ve ever heard it’s so sweet and so hurtful and the same time I felt like Hannah like the only think that I want to this in this bullshit of world it’s just freaking die and probably it’s better to get everything to stop to anymore hear my melodies to drown in the same water as Hannah did in the her blood I’d kill all the motherfuckers who killed her who broke her who just destroy the most wonderful part of Hannah Baker and now for her I’m just wearing lacy black underwear

  27. I started with Justin
    Then Jessica. Who each broke my heart
    Alex tyler courtney Marcus
    Who each helped to destroy my reputation
    On through zach and ryan
    Who broke my spirit
    Through Tape number 12
    Bryce Walker
    Who broke my soul. Wow 😥

  28. I believe there's a cliff
    Between life and death

    But ofcourse,

    The top is life
    The ground beneath it

    Is dead

    People won't stop trying
    Pushing me off that cliff

    One by one
    They push me

    How long before I lose balance?
    How long before I'm lost for good?

  29. Beautiful video!!!! Really reflects her and the slips are put together perfectly well done again ❤️😜💖🎊

  30. This poem hannah is sooo beautiful sad is perfect! But is true!i love it,hannah is true!!!😔😔❤

  31. Hannah had the best personality
    A true friend and A loyal heart ❤
    Still shocked ..why would anyone hurt her 😭😭

  32. so sad man, the instrumental song goes so well with everything. it’s sad and tragic, just like i like it

  33. Sometimes I cry so hard that I drown my own self but that doesn't seen to help sometimes I cry but that's all I can do right I mean it's not like someone can hear me right? People always say you can always talk to me but can I really life is nothing but scar's and pain and a game but what is the point of being apart of it the hell if I care but did you care enough to help or to hear me cry no you didn't but it's ok cause I am nothing to you

    Someone please help us oh I forget no can hear us cry out for help so why should the help us

  34. I was raped and after 4 years and after suffering I found my love. I told him my story he said that he is with me after 1 year engagement he left me bcz he is not trusting me and will never ever trust me 😑😥really he killed my feelings…..sorry for loving you and giving you my life

  35. have you ever felt reaching for someone you love but will never have

    it's like walking a path filled with broken glass

    every step i make towards my desire

    my feet are suffering but my heart is on fire

    i'm eager to reach the one i love

    so i run and run and tears start to fall

    my tears became waterfalls

    mixing my salty tears and blood from my feet behind the path

    just to reach the one that i long

    the one i love

    and soon enough our feet will be facing each other

    in my mind, i'm hoping we'd finally be together

    and i'd look behind the path that i took
    and see how much it takes to be with the one you love

    but i'd finally get to say that you are the person i love

    and i know the next thing i'll hear is that
    i'm not the one you love

  36. I never said this before but thank you for this video! It makes me cry because it’s how I felt before and how I feel even now. I feel like I am drowning and can’t find a way to swim to shore. Like the world is pulling me down. And every time I would get my head above water I would have hope but then just get dragged down again.

  37. "and for a minute, just a minute, i felt like maybe i could beat this…"

  38. This video is….a masterpice…"It must be possible swim whitout became water yourself" and the video shows when the batroom' water became Hanna's blood …wow

  39. Hannah's poems really are a work of art. They speak to every single human being in some way or the other. Her voice really did deserve to be heard.

  40. Whatever happened to such a beautiful girl I get depressed hope it doesn't happen to anybody

  41. My biggest problem is I'm more obsessed than I should with 13 reasons why. I can't stop thinking all day about Hannah, Clay , Tony and all of them .Please help me!

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