Happiness: The Writer in the Garden

like a wandering vine the subject of Gardens weaves to the collections of binary library and there's one emotion that recurs over and again when you see the writer in the garden happiness the exhibition tells the stories of several writers who spent their talents and their lives in gardens including Wharton does expense quite Ripley and reprieve are Nadine Bob – William Carlos Williams in our exhibition which shows him in his garden in Rutherford New Jersey as happiest indeed and perhaps most touchingly Vita sackville-west whose garden papers arrived at mitigating several years ago the highlights of those gardening papers are her garden journals in which she kept records of the work she was doing the plants that she was choosing for her garden making it now one of the most visited public places in England Gertrude Stein wrote a short play called inner garden Langston Hughes in 1955 he decided to turn the small plot of dirt in front of his brownstone on 27th Street into a children's garden the Garden Show has a companion exhibition bird-watching which examines avian presence in many of Bannack use collections from Rachel Carson's notebooks from the 1960s to the original sketch done by John James Audubon in the field to Mo Willems famous irascible character the pigeon who makes his presence known in various places around the library – II libraries exhibitions are always free and open to the public we're open 7 days a week one other theme explored and exhibition is the proliferation of 19th century home gardens thanks to the growth of seed and plant companies across the United States including several here in New Haven in that same spirit you're invited to come visit us take away a souvenir and bloom where you're planted you

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