Happy Birthday Calvin | Before They Were Famous | HappyBirthdayCalvin FULL INTERVIEW

Before Happy Birthday Calvin would have his
song placed in the Netflix original film “Beats” as a single for the soundtrack Before the song would have over 4 million
plays on Spotify and close to a million views on YouTube Before Happy Birthday Calvin would have one
of the most Shazammed songs in the world Before Happy Birthday Calvin would sign a
deal with LA Reid’s Hitco Records Now if you’re unfamiliar with Calvin, it’s
cool but there are millions who heard his song in the Netflix original series “Beats,”
which helped him land a record deal with LA Reid. I actually spoke to Calvin over Skype about
his full journey, which sounds weird to say about a kid who hasn’t even turned 18 yet. But he’s a great kid with a bright future,
so if you want to know more about Happy Birthday Calvin, then you clicked on the right video. What’s going on good people in the comment
section? I hope you’re having one Hecht of a day,
my name is Jeremy Hecht and I’ll be your host today as I take you through the life
and career of Happy Birthday Calvin prior to fame. Recently I’ve also covered Stunna 4 Vegas
and I randomly found myself doing a house tour with Kid Buu, which as you can imagine
was a very strange experience. So you can check those videos out after this
one. But without any more talking, let’s get
into the interview. Calvin Holmes was born on October 18, 2001
in Chicago. He grew up with his mom and two younger brothers. Music has always been a big part of his life. His mom wrote poetry in high school. Although Calvin’s dad wasn’t a huge influence
in his life, I found out that he actually used to be a rapper himself: But it was his mom who bought him his first
computer and took him to the studio for the first time when he was only 10 years old. And she even became his manager. But before that, The school was shut down in fifth grade… Can’t say if the whoopings had anything
to do with that or not… But after the school was shut down, he attended
Frazier preparatory academy. Calvin had friends involved in some of the
things he was talking about, but he always managed to keep himself out of trouble. For the most part… Music was one of the major reasons he was
able to remain focused. Calvin has been making music since he was
10 years old. He was influenced by Tyler The Creator, Frank,
Lil Wayne, Travis Scott and of course Kanye: So, he decided he had to make his own songs: So, he was rapping under the name King…
something. And he was making music that was far beyond
his age range in terms of how it sounded. He was also performing at local talent shows
and he even went on a school tour when he was in 5th grade: Damn, that would be crazy to do a tour in
the fifth grade. I would probably let it get to my head. I played guitar at my 6th grade graduation
and I already think it made my ego way too big. Calvin kept making music throughout middle
school and working on his song making abilities. But everything changed when recruiters from
local performing arts high school, ChiArts came to his middle school. While at ChiArts, he was rapping and making music
but it wasn’t until his junior year that he created his current rap name: Calvin was posting songs on soundcloud and a couple
of his songs had naturally grown to a few thousand plays. One of his songs actually had 50k! But the first single he dropped under his
new name was “New Friends.” Which is crazy because that song now has over
4 million plays on Spotify as of today. But Calvin’s blow up happened through a
true friendship and perfect timing. During his time at the performing arts high
school, Calvin was able to meet people like singers, guitar players, and even actors. One of the people who he became close with
was Khalil Everage, who ended up starring in the Netflix original movie “Beats.” After he
made those songs in the studio, things just seemed to fall into place perfectly But even bigger than a record deal, his song
was used as the main theme for the entire movie. In the movie, Khalil’s character makes beats,
but eventually they needed an actual beat for the movie. So, that’s when he hit up his friend Calvin
to help out. Basically the beat that Khalil works on throughout
the entire movie, is actually Calvin’s song. In
terms of the future, he hopes to one-day win Grammys, work with his idols, and having his
family straight. And right now, he’s working on his debut
album. Thank you guys for watching. Shoutout to Calvin for the interview. If nobody has told you yet today, I love you.

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