Hardcore Minecraft RANDOMIZER Survival! (ft. NotPaulGG)

what the frick is up YouTube welcome
minecraft today are you guys ready for this we’re doing a collaboration isn’t
that right Paul yeah not Paul jeez he is here today but where do we do minecraft
Paul is a server setup and it’s called random craft so we’re gonna be
destroying random blocks and they can literally be anything so you destroyed
dirt block it could turn into diamonds you could destroy a flower and it can
turn into like a creeper or something I don’t think that’s really how it works
but we’re gonna hop right into the server right now anything right Paul
yeah oh hey so I know it’s raining dude your hairline what is going on with Jay
like it I can’t see it it’s psychotic yeah this got out work so yeah that’s
just an example grass right that’s gave me a peak tulip okay that’s not the
grass literally gives you that game we’re friends Oh what if I break it what
do I get same thing okay no I got a lap his I
can’t place a song yeah yeah all right but I got a pressure plate out of dirt
whoa okay Rose and I’m getting n stone stairs
yeah well this side of the mountain looks pretty good so yeah so what is
dirt give us pressure plates yep oh we know I got logs out of some irregular
dirt grass gives pressure plates regulator it is it gives through slugs
look there’s our home nice we have a home I’m gonna make sticks and I’m gonna
make a pickaxe and see what we get out of regular stone now oh yeah I wonder
how long we’re actually gonna be able to survive I know
oh we’re also on hardcore mode so from oh yeah die the whole server shut off
okay so these give you so random or stone gives you prisoner in crystals
dang how we have to we’re gonna have to run off like would items for wait I just
got white wool off or something they sounded like gravel or something no no
that was dirt a few seconds ago what did I get
I oh no no no break break the would break the wood oh that was awesome
what is birch wood but yeah so pressing through school it’s cuz birch sucks
versus anything yeah Birds just sucks alright so I can make a zombie hunters
happy what does he drop what do you drop I got him don’t worry I’m beating bubble
drop what do you drop bro got him what’s he drop nothing I got a tulip out
of him I think no that was on the ground oh okay make it bed well I can make a
bed not too bad right good luck see you later all right so I got a shovel I got
here gonna make a sword oh dude what these just the leaves drop jungle logs
no way yeah and I go I got bread off of this wood
oak leaves drops drops jungles yeah a bread off of oak late yeah buries right
there how did I get pants oh wow Versalles giving Matt a good way yeah
it’s like really good I got a dude it’s oh it’s a random chess that’s what it is
don’t I just get emerald yeah I got em world’s to your birch the leaves are
insane dude I have look at all this stuff
I’m so much leather it’s what it is I think it’s like a ship chest do you how
fast can we kill the Ender Dragon on the server dude that would be insane let’s
make you better I have like 12 white magenta shulker box
it drops shulker box yeah out of all their stores yeah
all right you want to sleep yeah it’s just a response not that it matters
the next Mel Ming take the bed with us Oh the bedrock purple wool day and they
go yeah I don’t bring your good will drop it dropped a prism occur Prison
Break kid oh and then I got ricotta
that’s your plate I got terracotta I just did a full circle mode
bro I got a block of emerald I just got we got to try to find a place to attempt
to live that’s I do I like how we’re already like sliding I have to I mean I
have leather armor and a sword that’s like literally all I have right now
oh yes dude let’s see what cold drops it didn’t drop anything this is just cold
no nothing no it’s just X nothing yeah what are these yellow yellow ones drop
bamboo okay I got an ambulance
we got an anvil out of bamboo deed we got a BAM boom ville the way did we see
what white wool drops so let’s see it drops a cauldron yeah and then back to
San stairs and then a chest yeah to keep house like wood so what
does that break oh and then this is gonna end watch oh my god it’s a random
chest drop I think wait I got sand blocks it looks like there’s a bit of an
opening with this clay here we have a clean and gravel let’s regardless can
what scrap let me get gravel is a head a player head oh my god I have my head
back what does this thing break though what does this give us
oh look at the rig slab and then I don’t check it drops terracotta magenta and
that drops in the orange stairs don’t start stairs yeah sound our same same
slab orange sand or concrete yeah concrete no it’s a strip jungle log
Oh oh my gosh chicken okay here we go
alright let’s see what I get now it should be the same thing this one it’s
this one oh I see the stairs white flowers here well know what these ones
do whoa that dropped a prism arene this was that what does I drop Brown oh great
yeah Oh interesting that turns into andesite yeah the name
the site and a prisoner mean slab and to nothing I blue flower now blue flower
Oh cobble stone slab well let’s see oh dude I got all of that I got cold that
way do you ever shovel uh yeah I have a shovel hit right click on one of the
pieces of the dirt everyone pees litter and then breakdowns toot why am I such a
genius okay we get okay here me Avril No need to call it a wither we need soul
same now Elliott alright where else can we go though what else
can we break to you Oh Oh mushrooms mushrooms yeah okay let’s see cuz those
are different blocks like literally all say and jungle I don’t think we’ve done
jungle leaves dude this is a big mushroom oh my gosh
whoa Konnor it doesn’t drop anything what’s under it believes the leaves dark
oak leaves turn it into chainmail all of it yeah
dark oak leaves turned into shape that’s so clutch we need to find like another
biome or something like that or yeah maybe a cave dude maybe a cave we don’t
even have torches oh yeah I have coal what is torch drop let’s torch drop this
prismarine dark prison oh yeah I picked it up yeah yeah find some water
Oh sheep sheep did you kill in a cow killer pig it I don’t even think we did
Pig drop me cobble cuz I drop that blue wait that’s not a pig Oh
roll the white ones drop all sorts of stuff look I got a ball of enchanting
bro look at this yeah ye I’ve got a light blue concrete powder here okay I
drop slime car yeah yeah yeah oh I got iron out of that dude I got diamond
boots out of that let’s go let’s like hunter % let’s go and there’s a pillager
let’s see what he drops oh these are our first mobs to you that we’ve ran into
alright let’s do our best here remember it’s hardcore mode actually yeah hold on
EMF oh yeah oh if they’re gonna wind back on and run run run run run we can’t
afford to die Connor it’s hardcore mode I got one nice I got another one oh my
god nice drops of red okay I didn’t see any of it
cuz you picked it up and they drop the red wool
well there’s there was something else that dropped also off of the guy with
the banner oh I the ominous banner row that’s
clutch oh wait cobblestone I found cobblestone let’s see what that turns
into blue that’s blue blue wool who’s that turn into again Oh chanted bow
unbreaking 3 on it ok Paul we’re doing it do it yeah oh here we go
vein iron what is it nothing
what if you plant yet plate okay yeah drops what does that drop a pink banner
a golden apple and some more at what yeah the other spiders down there for
sure they’re inside of a cave yeah you think Golden Apple dude you know go Oh
Cody fucking you two go now that’s a dungeon okay the spiders going down
brother oh he dropped obsidian a little bit
either Golden Apple by the way we’re so set on golden apples I’m fighting
although I swung just a stone sword there’s another I broke it I broke it I
got something out of it I don’t know what O’Connor’s about to be nighttime
sends me a lot more responding in a second here just trying to survive man
okay okay yeah I don’t think it’s gonna be anything new and a cave right a
living like redstone and diamond and stuff my biggest thing is maybe we find
aemond down the ravine let’s go to 11 in just our veins
okay so yeah yeah we’re underneath the ravine right now Oh redstone oh I found
lava oh wait hold on my way wait I passed diamonds it what Oh let’s
see we read stunned okay let’s hear it red stone does why oh that’s that’s from
the N city do don’t tell me it’s just one okay it’s a couple it’s a couple yes
there’s one anything alright alright here we go here we go here we go dire
right turn to the trash alright turns into nothing I think right I think so
oh yeah that’s right just the ocean rocks yeah and then nothing that’s
depressing bro look at these diamond you can make that drop go Skelly Oh
multiple oh they’re fighting they’re fighting the fighting oh here we go boom
we’re gonna drop that and we’re gonna see what this turns into k beetroot
seeds okay okay redstone repeater repeater yeah these
are pumpkin seeds Oh a gold blow my gosh wait you could turn that back into gold
okay well here we go this is a melons okay
chickens rice okay okay okay that’s a whole chicken coming up just the breasts
there’s a gray sheep over here I don’t think we killed a great one now there’s
a village no finally dude oh my gosh cuz they drop an infant rate oh what a
villagers drop what do you guys drop that drop see ground crash Paul here we
go slip that let’s hide inside and not die
because I’m making a shield really quick dude The Golem is absolutely smashing
these rows yeah that’s what I hoped some Vindicator is over here helping I’m
helping I don’t even have oh he drops a cartography table yeah if any killers
drop cartography tables they’re coming from the other side like getting stowed
for something here yo I’m here oh he turned on me dude he did so much damage
Connor I literally have like two hearts the golems messing him up I know that’s
was hoping for Oh scary bro he did so much damage because I’m over
here over here The Vindicator doing work on these villages well we killed I hid a
villager on our side no I go to one-shot me for ho ah I don’t know they have a
villain do they have a dad thanks Paul for setting this world of and helping us
out through this you know it’s absolutely insane that was a lot of fun
I miss you guys go check out Paul’s video down in the description below and
on my right actually you know my less is video to recommend specifically for you
guys if you guys subscribe and see you guys next time peace

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