Harry Baker – Maybe (A poem about bullying)

maybe it’s because they don’t understand you maybe it’s because they do and they’re afraid of what they see maybe it’s because you are not normal maybe normals not the thing you need to
be maybe today will be a good day maybe today feels like it’s way too close to call maybe one day you will look back and laugh at this maybe one day you will not look back at all maybe it feels like it’s getting harder maybe you’re still waiting for that day to come around maybe it’s because I’m a Londoner… that I believe you can’t stop building bridges just because one is falling down hey I just met you and this is crazy but maybe you’re gonna be the one that saves me after all you are wonderful right now this feels like everything right now it always is it’s only afterwards that we can see there’s more than this you can be informed by this without being formed by this just as a calm before the storm there is a dark before the dawn in this whoever told you must shrink to fit in
got their filter wrong we are not sculptures to be
chipped away but platforms to be built upon so if somehow this changes you let it be in a resilience in knowing that you made it through do not give them an inkling of a thicker skin if we stop listening how can the truth that
permeates start sinking in not every day ‘s a battle not every part of life’s a
war it is the times that lie between that need to be worth fighting for so remember what this moment is you may not have chosen this but one day you will be
someone who rose from it when you see the same in others you can notice this so show them this there’s no eclipse without some kind of glow in it those that know you – know to love you those that love you – love to know you those that don’t – they forfeit the right to get to be the
ones that mold you and if you ever meet the old you – say I come from what you go through there will be times when that is all you have to hold to there will be times you cannot help but cry or times you cry for help there will be times where you
resist or are too tired to rebel when it takes everything to not just be defined
by someone else you can start by showing kindness to yourself.

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