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Hey guys, it’s Hasan. a few months ago we did
an AMA on Subtle Asian Traits. And it was really successful. I had a great time talking
to everybody there. And then you guys suggested I
need to do Subtle Curry Traits. And so, I clicked on the link; I saw that banner of a bunch of dudes
partying underneath that waterfall. And I was like, “This is my kind of group. Let me put on a banyan and
let’s chase these waterfalls.” (Laughs) Alright, “What was the one thing
that blew your mind (the most) while researching for the
Indian politics episode?” Indian cable news. Indian cable news was like, “Release the pundits.” “He had nothing in mind, not
his family, only the country. That I salute—” “—No, but they want proof!” “Now I’m coming to that.” “But they want proof!” “No, Navika—” “You are a shameless
person, whoever you are—” It was just…amazing. We did show one clip on the show where we had “Indian Nancy Grace” calling the shots and,
yeah, she’s awesome. I also love how she uses
everyone’s full name. It’s incredible when she’s like, “Mr. Poonawalla, I will
not tolerate that!” “As for you, Ashish Malhotra, we cannot allow this!” It was– she’s really great. I love her. It’s just as if she’s about to like, read you your full name and
your social security number. “Mr. Hasan Minhaj: social
security number…” [bleep] Navika Kumar, if you’re
watching this – holler at me. I would love to be a
guest on your show. It would truly be an honor. I would love to be one of 19 guests. um, I know you’d give
me special attention and, um, I just love how you use
everyone’s full names. “What is your favorite type of biryani?” Ok. Uh, for me – any type of biryani that
minimizes that amount of black balls. Black balls are sort of, like, aromatic landmines that
people put in their biryani. I don’t even mind, like, the acorns,
the walnuts, the random sticks– Sometimes you’ll get biryani and there
will just be like, straight up sticks in it. Like, “Oh, I just went on a hike.
Here’s some sticks from my hike. Just like, a twig or two.” I don’t even mind those. Those are big; like, surface area-wise
you can move them to the side. These black balls are a nightmare. And if you get black balled, ugh, it fucks up your whole day. Also, apparently, I
asked my mom about it. She’s like, “Oh, it’s for aroma.” And I’m like, “It already smells great. Why do we have to add these incredibly dangerous
things to our meal?” If I was running for,
like, school president, and I had, like, a
biryani-based agenda I’d be like: My first policy position
is no black balls in biryani. And I think I’d win by a landslide. “Did you get grounded for doing
the episode on Indian elections?” Yes, I got grounded and I can only
use my computer for the next hour, so…we gotta hurry this up. “Did Shashi Tharoor smell good?” He actually smelled like a dictionary. “How do you feel about Birkenstocks?” To me, Birkenstocks are luxury
chappals. Uh, it’s kind of an excuse, um… It really is just the
first class version of Batas. Bata, if you’re watching this video,
um, I could be the face of Bata. “Your first cousin Faiz teaches
me Professional Ethics in law school. He’s also hilarious. Cool fam, Hasan.” Faiz actually did help us with our
Indian Elections script, so, what’s up Faiz? It’s my cousin,
he actually really is my cousin. This is wild, this is the first time
someone on the Internet has done that and they’re actually right. You know, like, how sometimes
people on the Internet are like, “Oh I know your cousin!” And it’s like, not my cousin. They’ll
be like, “I know your cousin, Harun!” I’m like, “I don’t have a cousin Harun.” But this time, they actually do know
my cousin, which is really cool. “What do Brown Aunties say about
you during their gossip sessions? Also, how desi is it that
everyone is asking for a job here.” First of all, um, I think it’s amazing.
You should shoot your shot. I love the ambition.
I love the drive and I love the hustle. How crazy would it be if someone
actually got a job via Facebook? Where it’s like, “Hey, how’d you
get that job at Patriot Act?” They’re like, “I don’t know…
I just like… I just dropped a resume in an AMA and I got hired.”
That’d be amazing. The one thing aunties say all the time is,
“He’s not that funny,” which, I’m used to. “I loved your rendition
of tum paas aaye on air,” [sings] Like, “tum paas aaye…” “But what’s your
favorite Bollywood song?” For me, uh, Kabhi Kabhie
is like, an all-time classic. My dad – and I think a lot of Indian
dads would sing that just as, like, a go-to. “Yo, like, you know I can sing, right?” So, yeah, my dad would definitely
hit that Amitabh deep baritone at the beginning where he’s like,
[impersonates Kabhi Kabhie]. He would, like, really
hit that part of the song. For those of you guys who’ve
never heard that song, it’s almost like, you know how, like, rap
albums have, like, little interludes? Kabhi Kabhie has, like, a little interlude
in the beginning, where Amitabh Bachchan is sort of, like, doing, like, a little
poem before he sings the song and so… Yeah, any time I knew my dad was
trying to, like, you know, impress my mom – he’d drop some Kabhi Kabhie. Also, the video’s iconic. The clothes that Amitabh
is wearing in that video– it’s great. His swagger is uncanny. “What do you think about
the repeal of Section 377?” I think it’s an amazing
step in the right direction and it’s a huge victory for civil liberties. “What do you prefer – Kuch Kuch Hota Hai or
Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham…?” It’s kind of messed up that you’re
asking me that question because those are both Karan Johar
movies, so they’re very similar. It’s like being like,
“uh, would you want Jaws or E.T.?” Like, they’re both Spielberg classics, so,
you asking me this question is very messed up. But I like both of them
for different reasons. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, I love for the love
story between Shah Rukh and Kajol. And then “Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham…”
for the family dynamics and drama. “When you were a kid, what did
you want to be when you grew up? If you could go back
and tell 5-year-old Hasan and his parents what you do now,
what do you think they’d say?” So, when I was 5, I actually
was really into drawing. So, I wanted to be an
animator. And my dream was to be an animator for
“Batman: The Animated Series.” That was, like, my
favorite cartoon growing up. And then, if I were to tell
my parents what I do now… First of all, they’d
be, like, “Who are you?,” cause I’ve gone back in time,
which is insane. So they’d be like, “Who is this bearded man who
showed up and like, ‘Hey, mom! Hey, dad!’” That’d be really weird for them. They’d also not believe
what I’m doing is a real career. I’d be like, “Oh,
I do comedy on television.” They’d be like, “What is that?” Actually I’d be like,
“I do comedy on the Internet.” And they’d be like,
“What are you talking about? Where have you come from?
You’re a demon.” I’d be like,
“But, Ami, Abu. I’m your son.” “If you could have someone
appear as a special guest host on Patriot Act,
who would you want?” I think Nathan Fielder would
be an incredible host for Patriot Act. And I would want Nathan to do it at the same pace that
I do Patriot Act episodes in. I think that’d be incredible. “Will you connect
with me on LinkedIn.” Uh, I don’t have a LinkedIn.
Why do people ask me this all the time? They’re like,
“What’s your LinkedIn?” I don’t– Comedians
don’t have LinkedIn’s. Also, if we did,
it’d be really sad. It would be like,
“Occupation: Stand-up Comedy.” And then you’d, like, would list
the number of years and then… no. It just wouldn’t work. Isn’t it kind of crazy that you’re
just putting your resume on blast? Like, it’s just straight-up
public knowledge. Isn’t that wild? This was a huge thing at
family dawats you’d have, like, some auntie who’d come up to you
and be like, “What’s your SAT score?” And you’d be like,
“What? Why are you–” Like, it was like someone
was looking at you naked. And now, people are just like,
“Here’s my resume.”? Just publicly look at it? People list their GPA on it, right? –Yeah. People straight-up list their GPA. So, Indian people –
in the comments, please let me know: do you list your GPA on your LinkedIn?
And if so, how are you so brave? I would never list my GPA.
Ever. I’ve given away my SAT score but at this point,
you know, there’s no going back. LinkedIn is basically, like,
the first 5 minutes of, like, a conversation you
have with someone in a bar. Like, “Hey, where are
you from? What do you do?” “What’s your GPA?” You know, like, the first three
questions you ask at a bar? “What’s your GPA?” “What’s something about
being South Asian that you think non-desi folk
really struggle to understand?” I have to call my parents.
It’s just a non-negotiable thing. Like, sometimes I’ll be with friends.
My phone will be ringing. It’ll be like “buzz buzz,”
and it’ll be like, “Mom Cell,” and they’re,
like, “Nah, don’t pick up.” And I’m like, “You don’t understand.
I– I have to pick up.” Like, “It’s not an emergency.” And I’m like,
“I– It just– You don’t understand.” I’ve sometimes been with friends
and I’ve been hanging out with them and they’ll be like, it’ll be like “Dad Cell”
and they’ll be like, “Not right now.” And I’m like,
“Goddamn, Brian.” “What was the hardest episode you’ve done so
far, in terms of research on the topic?” So, I would say Indian Elections,
for sure was the hardest in terms of the breadth and the depth
of it cause the episode’s 30 minutes but there was a lot of other
stuff that we wanted to include. There’s just tons and tons
and tons of information – it could have been
multiple episodes. And then also, just how tense and
loaded of a topic Indian Politics is, especially being a desi kid.
I’m an NRI and I’m an ABCD. I’m talking about
Indian Elections, like… There were a lot of things that
I had to be aware of going into it. so we tried to address
all of them in the episode. “What’s the one thing you
loved and one that you hated about growing up
in a desi household?” So the good thing is – you get to
live at home as long as you’d like. And the bad thing is – you get to live
at home as long as you would like. So…yeah. You start
hitting the mid-twenties uh, mid-to-late-twenties,
it gets a little real. And I lived at home during
college, which was wild. There was a lot of times where
I had to “go to the library.” “To study.” On a “Saturday night.” This is a crazy story.
So, this is how– this is actually how my parents
found out that I was doing comedy.” So, I used to tell my mom. My mom
was cool with me doing comedy. So I was like, “Hey mom,
I’m gonna ‘go to the library.’” And she’s like, “You’re
gonna ‘go to the library?’” And I’m like, “Yeah, I’m
gonna ‘go to the library.’” Which was you’re gon–
I was gonna go to an open mic. So, we live in Davis. And I’m living at home
and I have to drive to San Francisco. Like, San Francisco
had the best open mics. So, I drove to San Francisco,
but it was raining on the way back, and so when I was driving back,
my car hydroplaned and it hit a median um, on the freeway around Vallejo,
which, if you’re from the area – is really far from Davis.
It’s, like, 40 minutes away. And, I had to call home and
my mom gave my phone to my dad. She did the thing where she
was like, “Talk to your dad.” So, I was like,
“Oh, shit. I’m done for.” I could tell in that
moment, she’s like, “I cannot lie for you anymore.
Talk to your father.” and I’m like, “Mom!”
Gives the phone to my dad and I’m like, “Hey, Dad. Like, uh…I,
uh… I got in a car accident.” And that was really bad. He’s like, “Are you okay?
Is everything alright?” I’m like,
“Yeah, everything’s fine.” “Is the car okay?” And I’m like,
“Yeah, the car– the car’s fine.” “Where are you?”
And I was like, “Vallejo.” And he’s like, “Vallejo.”
And then he just hung up. And I was like,
“Oh I’m… I’m done for.” And I know it’s bad because
my dad is getting me solo. He’s not bringing my mom with him. So I’m like, “Oh, I fucked up,
like…Najme’s rolling out solo.” So he goes. He picks me
up on the side of the road. It was like out of a movie –
it’s raining outside. Like, he’s in, like, a rain slicker.
I’m in, like, a rain slicker. He’s just like, “That’s a really far
distance you went to go to the library. I hear the– Are the libraries
in Vallejo really good?” I’m like, “Alright,
I gotta come clean.” So, uh, I told my dad. I was like, “Dad, uh…
I didn’t go to the library. Uh…I’ve been
doing standup comedy.” And my dad was like,
“Goddamnit, Hasan. I really was hoping that
you were just smoking weed.” And it was the first time, um– that I knew that my dad
was 420 friendly. So… It was a really cool moment. Just like a really cool
rad-brown-dad-dot-tumblr-dot-com moment. So, that’s it. Thank you guys so much for
joining me on this second AMA. Shoutouts to everybody who
came out, uh, on Subtle Curry Traits. Shoutouts to the four dudes underneath
that waterfall. Keep chasing ‘em. Keep chasing your dreams. And I’ll see
you guys next time. Alright, this is how–
this is how Na– This is how Nathan Fielder
would do Patriot Act, here we go. Three, two, [clap] Hi, I’m Nathan Fielder.
Welcome to Patriot Act. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Tonight, I want to talk about an
epidemic that is affecting everyone: Student Loan Debt. Student Loan Debt
affects pretty much everyone I know. And if it doesn’t affect you, congratulations
on being a Kennedy.

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