Hearing God’s Call

[Drums] Let’s travel to the continent of Africa this quarter.
We will take a look at the East-Central Africa division. This division is made up
of 11 countries including Burundi, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Djibouti, Rwanda, Somalia, South Sudan,
Uganda, and Tanzania. The East-Central Africa division has one of
the highest populations of Adventists, with a membership of more than 2.7 million.
Although there are many Adventists, there are still many mission challenges in this division. This quarter your 13th Sabbath offerings will benefit
mission work in the countries of Kenya, Tanzania, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Democratic Republic of Congo, or DRC, is home
to more than 1/2 million Seventh-day Adventists. There is a variety in the landscape; from the
busy streets of the capital city to the peaceful valleys across the country. After the division of Sudan into
north and south, DRC has become the largest country in Africa. It is a vast territory but church members and institutions here are dedicated to God’s call. Here in the city of Kinshasa, the people are
exposed to different religions, including various forms of Christianity. Adventist churches
are full of people and their love for God is vibrant. But the members feel a burden to share the
Adventist message with the millions of people who have never heard it. Alphonse Kabeya is the Executive Secretary and
Global Mission Director in the West Congo Union. He knows that something needs to be done
so the members can effectively reach their communities. “You see Kinshasa is the big city. As a church,
as the Seventh-day Adventist Church we need to have a center of evangelism here.” A center of evangelism would be used to train
the members to teach others about Jesus. Global Mission pioneers are working in this city
and throughout the East-Central Africa division. This is just one example of a group who gathers regularly. [Singing] This Global Mission pioneer has dedicated his
life to go wherever he is called. “I have chosen to become a Global Mission
pioneer because I have had an appeal from God. We have few workers here and we need more.
That is why I am a Global Mission pioneer.” It is equally important for the church to
provide a place for the children to praise God. They are also called to share His love
with others. Here in Kinshasa kids are full of life and love to share what
they know with other kids. Please pray for both the children and adults
here in Kinshasa. An Adventist university sits in a more remote
area of DRC. On the other side of the country this university is working hard to provide
a quality education for their students. The university uses God’s natural environment
to provide in a unique way. This generator uses running water to create electricity and
power the school. Dormitories and academic buildings get power from this source. The
university is looking forward and has set goals for their future. “We have several goals and one of them is
to see the university progressing so that we can reach at least self supporting.
That’s really our goal.” Please pray for the church in DRC, that God
will continue to provide for them. As the sun beats down on the country of Tanzania,
the Adventist members and visitors meet for camp meeting. They gather here by the hundreds
to hear a message and sing songs on this Sabbath. The members don’t let the hot sun stop them
from enjoying the opportunity to worship. The church in Tanzania has more than 430 thousand
members. Here in the city of Mwanza alone there are more than 30 Adventist churches. Throughout the week people study the Bible
in their homes. They want to follow God’s leading. In Mwanza there is a need for health care.
The Adventist church operates a small clinic to treat things such as malaria and broken bones.
But the dream is to have a full hospital here. The members have stepped out in faith and with their
own money they have begun construction already. “The project will be of great help to the
evangelization of preaching of the gospel. Preparing the people for the Lord because we believe
it is the right arm of the gospel, whereby it will open the hearts of the people ready
to hear the message of the return of Jesus Christ.” There are thousands in Tanzania who don’t
know the Adventist message. Please pray that the work being done in Mwanza will spread and
people will come to know Jesus. [Music] In Kenya the Adventist church continues to
grow each year. There are more than 680 thousand members here. When you talk to church leaders
they will tell you their dream to expand their churches and schools. At the University of Eastern Africa, Baraton,
the student population is growing. This school is built in a beautiful rural area. Here on
campus they have their own farm with cows for milk, and chickens for eggs. They produce
a lot of what the students need themselves. They even make their own ice cream! The ice
cream is packaged and sold to earn money for the school. Here at Baraton they are doing
everything they can to provide a quality, wholistic education. Danny Harelimana is the Deputy Vice Chancellor
of Finance at Baraton. He oversees a lot of the projects that happen here. He explains
what they are striving for as a university. “We feel very happy because the world wide
church is supporting us in our mission to educate and help the community around us.” Many of the students are married with children.
When they have a concern, they come talk to Dr. Joel Yoyo,
who is the Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Student Affairs. “We have expressed a need as a university
because we have got a real influx of students, especially the international students who
come to our university. Particularly those who are married students. We have had quite
a shortage as far as housing is concerned.” Although there is a housing challenge, students
still come to study here because they value the Christ-centered education. “Some students have come to me right here in the
office to say, ‘Hey Dr. Yoyo I think I’m being baptized.’ Why? They have met Christ on campus. On the university’s campus is Baraton International
School. This school was originally developed to provide education for the children of university
faculty and staff. Over time, more and more married students came and enrolled their kids
in the school. Now university staff, students, and even the community send
their children here. The facilities are worn and new classrooms are needed. Everlyne Adegu is the principal here.
She is grateful for what the world church is doing to improve the facilities. “When I look at these children and the love
I have for them. I’m a parent also. I just feel these children are a special gift from
God and we have to support them to get the best. Please pray for the people of Kenya as they
train young people to share the gospel. Throughout the East-Central Africa division,
people are coming to know the true Word of God. Despite all the challenges and obstacles
the story of Jesus is being told. Please pray for the people in this division. So they
will have the strength to continue the work God has called them to do. Thank you for supporting
the mission of the Seventh-day Adventist church.

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