Heartbreak – A spoken word poem by @CandyAcidReign – (CC)

Host: Coming to the Mic, give it up for Ladessa
Sullivan ya’ll — (((Audience Cheering Loudly))) (((audience cheering, clapping, hooting & hollering: “alright Dessa! — Owe! —alright”))) Hello people, as you know this is my first
time at “Mouth Off”. My name is Ladessa Sullivan, my alias is CandyAcidReign. — (((Audience: “ok.” — “ok”— “OWE!”))) The poem I’m going to do right now is called
‘Heartbreak’. …let me make sure this is… and get into my
zone… (audience giggling) The heart revealed
The inability to heal Scattered pieces
Souvenirs Lay on your
Night stand And
I’m without Can’t ignite
Spark Make
Create Facilitate
Shake You into believing
The worth of holding is achieving Grander than
Deceiving Letting
Aiding The dissipation of love
Craftsman of dark results Look for me in your
Cabinet of regrets I’m in the shadows of my trust
Neglected to tame the fervent hope From this trial of betrayal
Your effortless and crass denial But I’ll live
Wielding my cheerless eyes Slumped and lonely limbs
Through crowds of smiling faces And gleams of boasting pairs
On display That
Haunt Mock
Remind Drink fine tea or sweet wine
Laughing in wet heaves That
Piss all over me I’m green without envy
Blue without tears Wounded without closure
Mended without bend When trounced the brittle
Broke Split
The chaffed and purple scabs Re-opening the rusted
Crusted Antique and fragile gash When you tricked, pried, picked, nicked with rough and careless hands Inflicted the crack and bleed
Discouraging the growing seed Now I’m cradling
Wasted dreams Menacing fantasies
Swallowing piles of grief Purging dependency
and Time is slipping A tainted stream
Through the sinister hourglass And I ask
Does nothing last, but the guarantee of pain? Does no one covet love above the temperamental
gain? Cynicism spreads a weed
In the garden of my mind No bloom
Pruned Fooled
Dead Infested by your lies.
I’m a restless convulsing body Under a solitary moon
Stalked by the déjà vu Of this familiar horizons gloom
And Memories of your promises Are the opposite of this truth
So look for me In the dimming stars of adoration or devotion
When loyalty evades your two faces And Karma shows it’s faithful motion
Slapping you With your own
Pompous debauchery Slowly guiding you toward this shady place
Where you have casually lead me Heartbreak …Thank You…
(((audience cheering))) Host: That was Ladessa Ya’ll. Host: So… we have known a true poet…
(((audience: *cheering* – “Owe!” — “That’s
what I’m talkin bout”! – *clapping*)))

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