Heaven To Earth || Spoken Word Christian Poetry

What if I told you Christianity is bigger
than you think? Bigger than the street signs, the end times, and evolution’s missing link.
Christianity is not about going to heaven when you die, but about bringing heaven to
earth while you’re alive. ‘cause when Jesus said thy kingdom come,
thy will be done, he was talking about the here and now, not just something soon-to-come.
See life is like a race that can feel really long, but heaven isn’t the finish line, it’s
the ground we’re running on. ‘cause heaven starts now, it’s not just
some paradise in the distance, but why do we treat it like we’re waiting for a new
toy on Christmas? Christianity’s not just about being saved
from sin, God wants to reveal the kingdom of heaven within.
It’s not about getting raptured to the sky but about living your life with purpose and
not just standing by. It’s not about escaping a doomed earth,
but being a part of its rebirth. We’ve all heard about heaven and hell, and
how if you don’t accept Christ, you’ll end up in an eternal cell.
But you might say “What about those who’ve never heard? Because God condemning such people
just sounds absurd.” Well I want to let you see, the bigger picture
of Christianity. It’s bigger than dividing lines, nations,
race, gender, and doctrinal ties. There’s a bigger story in the Bible than
John 3:16, and if you’ve read the whole thing, you know what I mean.
It’s not about eternal condemnation, but grace, love, and cosmic reconciliation.
Don’t get me wrong I believe in Hell, but our focus shouldn’t be on condemning each
other by saying farewell. ‘cause you’re not just saved from something,
you’re saved to walk into new life, where your old self dies, and your new one comes
alive. I felt a fire in my Soul I knew was not my
own, had no idea where to go but knew I wasn’t alone.
But it’s not about feelings, it’s about looking at the cross and kneeling.
That’s usually where the gospel ends though, so let me explain further by using different
lingo. We like to talk about the cross, resurrection,
and virgin birth, but we often neglect all the words Christ said while still here on
earth. Jesus didn’t just speak about the afterlife,
he spoke much more about the abundant life. See Heaven is the freeway, the journey, not
just the destination, it looks like action, justice, and reconciliation.
Heaven is love, joy, peace, kindness, and grace. It’s much better than harps, clouds,
and outer space. It’s his kingdom, his angels, his power,
his glory, it’s not about us, let’s not forget the whole story.
It’s the sand in the desert, the water in the ocean, the air in your lungs, it’s your
body in motion. So be a part of the Church, Christ’s global
Body, and be yourself, not another carbon copy.
Cause it’s not just about the righteous wrath of God being satisfied, but about you
waking up to your calling and making the world more purified.
But that takes transformation of the soul, a spiritual effect that makes you better when
you’re old. See there’s an ache in your soul that cries
out for more, your identity isn’t found in Instagram likes so stop keeping score.
God’s purpose for you goes beyond the American Dream, I used to work in one of these buildings,
it’s not as good as it seems. You’re not just a sinner saved by grace,
but a beloved son or daughter eternally embraced. You’re already just as loved now as you
ever will be, Christ paid it all and now you are free.
Free to live both for the now and not yet, the kingdom to come and its present silhouette.
See Hope must be our anthem cause one day we will witness, Christ coming down to bring
the kingdom in its fullness. Until then we have Christ in us, the hope
of glory, so let’s run the race and get caught up in a bigger story.
Cause this world is broken but beautiful, and God uses us to help restore it before
our funerals. So let’s not sit around and wait for the
pearly gates, let’s do something now before it’s too late.
No matter what you’ve done you’re forgiven, and your story is still being written.
Heaven could be happening all around, on this street, in this town. Heaven’s screaming
like a bus, but can you hear the sound? Destiny is calling, though this world is falling
apart, God is looking at you and asking, “Will you play your part?”

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  1. Amen Brother! All Truth! Love it! Keep repping for the Kingdom of God! People need to know this! May God bless you brother and your ministry brother! Check me out when you get a chance at www.facebook.com/bamaboybucktg or www.youtube.com/bamaboybuck. How does this video not have a million likes! We need this to go viral!$$

  2. Never stop posting these videos. They are really good. I pray that your videos will speak to each person who watches it.

  3. Hey 3-ology! Awesome Spoken Word bro!
    If anyone is looking for more Christian Spoken Word Poetry ! Check out my NEW video 🙂
    Much love!

  4. I didn't even realize you were rhyming until about a minute into the video, and it caught me off guard for a second. XD Nice work! Very uplifting, I must say! :3

  5. THIS VIDEO SHOULD REACH THE WHOLE WORLD!!!!!!! I'm definitely sharing this!

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  7. I found this just looking at spoken word poetry. I then sent it to my youth group leader and she's gonna show this video at my youth group and hopefully my friends will think this is amazing as I think it is

  8. Hey Bro! 🙂 it's crazy encouraging to hear your take on heaven, and walking in it, in the here and now as sons and daughters of God.

    I started my YouTube channel about three weeks ago and I've got a spoken word poem on significance called little light posted. Would dig it if you'd check it out – I'd love to get your opinion on it!

  9. Great video bro, absolutely amazing work! I've recently started posting videos and I just posted a brand new one. It'd be cool if you could drop by and check it out :).

    Blessings & keep posting videos!

  10. Good job, kiddo. Excellent and superior. Excellent…Superior …and a joy to watch!

  11. I love your videos, they fill me with such peace!! Recently I've been feeling down trying to cope with someone's death that affected me so much, and your videos have helped me see that this is just beggining and there is so much more to come,and that I will get to see them again and live forever happy with them!! I'd like to thank you sooo much, God bless you!

  12. He is rhyming a lot of words but this is so amazing.. I love this video tells the truth about Christianity like that…

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  15. This is very deep and powerful 3-ology keep up the good work for the Lord and his glory.

  16. Love it! I liked and Subbed 🙂 Check out my channel for Christian Poetry! I only have 3 right now, but I'll be uploading at least once a week by God's Grace>

  17. Thanks for this presentation Kevin. Only just came across this, and perfect for our church youth club tomorrow night on the theme of the future!

  18. Thank you so much dude. Such a great job.keep them coming.Loooovee it😊😊

  19. I saw a dream that Jesus comeing down from heaven to the earth and every one was Takeing videos and pictures and every one came out from where there were and I don’t really know but I think Jesus looked at me what this dream means

  20. I saw a dream that Jesus comeing down from heaven to the earth and every one was Takeing videos and pictures and every one came out from where there were and I don’t really know but I think Jesus looked at me what this dream means

  21. Such a good reminder for Christians, and clarification for those who have not come to know Him. Thank you!

  22. Wow, so true n awsome! Praise the Lord Almighty forever. This dude is so blessrd. Thank you for this. Amen n AMEN

  23. I dont want to offend you but you are mentally handicapped, pure nonsense flows from your mouth. Religion must go specially the christ bullshit

  24. WOW!! You just slapped me across the face with a Bible 🤣 Just kidding but really, you talked about things I was thinking and complaining about. You just answered several questions and went over a subject I’ve been going around with. Thank you!!! Please don’t stop doing this, come back!!!
    A friend, a follower and a fan from Mexico City.

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