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Hello world Python is a clean and powerful programming language. You can use it to build websites, analyze Data, write utilities and create many other kinds of software. It’s become a tradition that when you learn a new programming language, you start with a program that prints the message hello world. To begin you need to install python. You may already have python installed on your system. To check open a terminal, if you’re using Linux or OS X. If you’re using Windows open a command prompt by pressing start and typing cmd. Next type python and press enter. If you see a version number and a prompt, then you’re good to go, but if you receive an error, then you will need to download and install python. Go to the site http://python.org and Click download. There are different versions of python. I’d recommend you install the latest version. Depending on when you watch this video, you may see different version numbers than the ones displayed here. Once you’ve installed python. Open a terminal and type python. This will start the interpreter and put you in interactive mode This lets you play around with python and quickly try code We’re now ready to say hello world. To do this we type print hello world and press enter. et voilà ! Now we’ll say hello using a program instead of using the interactive python console, so exit python by typing quit with parenthesis and pressing enter. Create a folder somewhere on your computer called python underscore examples. Next, open your favorite text editor. Type in the same command we used earlier print. Hello world Save this file and call it 01_hello_world.py Python programs all end in py The 01 at the beginning is so all our examples will be nicely sorted. We’re using two digits so we can make up to 99 examples. Now run this program. To do this type python and the file name then press enter. There it is our first python program. Now that we’ve installed python and said hello. We’re ready to begin learning about the nuts and bolts of the language. Click here to watch your next video and to make sure you don’t miss a single video, click subscribe.

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  1. Ah finally, I've been waiting for this series to start since the teaser was published. Keep them coming, please.

  2. Hello world!  We just released our first Python video.

    We begin with the basics, but we're going to move quickly on to more advanced topics. Please let us know if you have any requests! 


  3. Well, this is some pretty high production level "tutorial?" Would be nice to see a whole series 

    Don't you think 2.7.x would be a better introductory python version?

  4. Hey, what an awesome idea for you guys to do a series on Python. Thanks! Great idea!

  5. Very happy you guys did this, thanks alot, After getting VIM and Python installed then I had to change an environment variable for python to run in CMD I was able to get everything working like it did in the video. I look forward to the next installment!!!

  6. I'm having some issues with command prompt working with python. I have both python 2.7 and 3.4, and I run windows 8.1. For the first part of the tutorial I could use python's built in command line, but was stuck when it came to running my program file. could I get some help?

  7. when i'm using vim command,i shows 'vim' is no recognised as internal or external cmd.plz give me guidance

  8. I don't know how I can mess something as easy as this up, but Python doesn't let me display the "hello world" from the notepad. I type in python 01_hello_world.py and it points to the first _ and says "invalid token" . I put the print("hello world") in the notepad 01_hello_world.py which is in the folder python_examples so I don't know where the problem is

  9. First year CS student here, trying to teach myself Python.
    The video is pretty confusing,
    at 2:17 when she asks us the run the program she doesn't say with what. Our text editor (in my case notepad), cmd prompt or python. all three of which we have opened over the course of this video.
    Perhaps a step by step in the video description that a user, whether using PC,mac or linux can use.
    edit : this should help people in similar situation as me, very surprising how much this video skips over.

  10. how did you setup your environment for python ? please make a video of it !!

  11. I have stumbled onto the series. The layout, look, voice, and even the ability to see every bit of the code make me cant wait tell they get into GUIs, networking, databases, and more.

  12. sister what is vim how do i get it pls tell me… im using windows 8.1 pro

  13. your videos are awsome your way teaching ia very good and to the point i really like your style i m very passionate about learning python please upload more videos

  14. It would be very helpful if u guys make a video of the meanings of syntax in python, like where dots unite to represent what and storing objects etc. Things mean what so that beginners don't have to worry further about what means what!! #Learn more

  15. Would love to see a list of the environment used and suggested environments. IMO, the hardest part of using a new language is setting up a good working environment. Sometimes tough when you start from scratch, and can be almost as tough depending on what is actually used in a production environment.

  16. Vim: i = insert(lets you type), esc = command mode (lets you run commands) :w = save file, :w 01_hello_world.py = save script as this file name, :q = quit Vim
    nano or gedit are easier than Vim for beginners.

    To run Python in Linux, add what language you want the shell to use to beginning of the file
    print("Hello world")
    then, save and exit and then use chmod to make script executable.
    $chmod +x 01_hello_world.py
    then to run the script you may also need to add the language you are using
    $python 01_hello_world.py

  17. Holy shit, this woman is freaking hardcore. Who needs a mouse and GUI? Damn! skill level OVER 9000!!!

  18. Socratica is the most amazing Python resources I have seen till date! I totally love this resource. Kudos to the Socratica team!

  19. i am 53 i have seen many programming language tutorial but never seen very short and straight forward explanation. Thanks,

  20. the minute I press the video, an ad comes up talking about a course using python… Your lucky I'm not interested in it!

  21. I enjoy your Python videos. They are professionally crafted and educational, some of the best I've seen.

  22. After installing python
    when I test in CMD it is saying that no such file named with Python found……But still I can run the python files, can you please tell me the reason

  23. FUCKING AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    YOU ARE AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    KEEEEEEEEEEEEP GOING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Way too much audiovisual "sugar" for this very basic sample. It's presented like the next major breakthrough in neuroscience. Which is kind of funny … in a Monty Python way.

  25. I like this series of videos but there are several issues in the beginning stemming from this video:

    Differentiating from the terminal and the python shell while trying to get started. I am getting the – 'SyntaxError: unexpected character after line continuation character’ and the 'SyntaxError: invalid syntax’ in the Python 3.6.4 Shell since, I had similar problems in the terminal. So I cannot create the folder to begin with.

    Confusion in getting up and running via the terminal, python shell and how to access the text editor via the exact script for your system would have helped.

    I have PyCharm but thought to follow the videos including their use of the preferred interpreter. I guess I’ll be using PyCharm after all.

  26. Awesome work and great graphics .Can we have more videos on Python please

  27. can you make a video on Python generators and the yield keyword in python

  28. It seems like am watching AI drafted vedio.
    Nicely explain.

  29. I just did this and, did it with multiple different words and phrases! thank you so much for teaching this!

  30. you forgot to tell us to hit the 'i' key in VIM to get to insert mode. I am new to programming and it took me a while to look up what was going wrong.

  31. After you quit, where are you doing this? In the Terminal? I'm on OSX. After I command quit, I can't do anything in there. I don't understand.

  32. 0:43 if "python" does not work, try "py", then install if you still get an error.

  33. There is no clear instruction on how to run python on windows CMD. Which I had to find another video to learn it.

  34. Does anyone know of any tutorials that can help with this kind of interface – mainly the use of the command line, like in the video?

  35. print('One of the great free tutorials on Python! Love!') ^_^

  36. It's odd to see her act less robotic in this video. I like the dry sense of humor in next videos!

  37. hey i have seen most of your videos it's really interesting and it doesn't make bore,the experience of learning in this way is really cool,are you planning to teach any python framework?

  38. I shouldn't have to bash my head against a wall in the first tutorial…..cmd shell does not recognize python even after install. can't access the basic c directory within cmd shell unless I open it ontop of the c directory. you didn't tell me i have to check the path install option when installing. basically all this text and shit is what you need to do: https://python.swaroopch.com/installation.html

    That's great you made it look so smooth and easy……but why do I have to then do all this other stuff you don't talk about in this video to get what you did here? This is not how a first tutorial should work.

  39. There could have been better intro bout that…why am i here seeing the intro by the way
    If you want any help regarding programs contact me
    Well am an ethical hacker in columbia

  40. When i type python and press enter at cmd i get an error (0xc0000005). What should I do to fix it? Please help…

  41. Thanks a lot.
    I added python in Environment variable so I can use it in cmd: https://www.pythoncentral.io/add-python-to-path-python-is-not-recognized-as-an-internal-or-external-command/

  42. how do you open "your favourite text editor"?? I use visual studio but I don't get how she opens vim, what is vim by the way? I need to know those things, maybe I'm just retarded but I don't know how to follow such a brief explanation. I don't find this intuitive at all to a newcomer.

  43. Feeling like in a Sci-Fi Movie and learning interesting language basics of python?! 😀
    Thanks a lot for this great experience. I like the scenery, the background and the sounds, the kind of speaking like a feminin robot – the sci-fi feeling which makes this video – is really great!!!
    Great idea to present this information. And sure, it must be a women which found a dress, what is loocking like a circuit board 😀 very great combination – complete!
    I cant find anything to make a bad critic and it was a very great experience to watch this video. 🙂 Thanks a lot!

  44. i"m unable to use the vim in windows vim is not working please guide me

  45. I've coded for 30+ years in more languages than I can count. Your video series is the BEST by far I've ever seen on learning how to code in any language. Your first video grabs the audience and helps people, hopefully also girls and women, get interested in coding. Love the last scene, "I code". Great JOB!

  46. > "Open your favorite text editor."
    > opens vim


    Jokes aside, I adore this series. It has character, is extremely well presented, and the videos aren't long-winded. The little bits of humor peppered around help keep your attention and reinforce the learning. This is a fantastic way to teach.

  47. having a sexual attraction and learning python. what else ^^

  48. As developer, I don't recommend to install latest versions. Some third party modules may not be up to date for current latest or even ten previous versions.

  49. I seriously learnt more here than in dozens of other videos. I didn’t know quit. I didn’t know running a program from the command line. Thank you

  50. Wait, wait… Just got new kezboard with ENG letters, and unable to find proper kez in darkness. Just, slow down.

  51. I made a folder for python_examples and it keeps saying it is not recognized as an internal/external command?

  52. Python appears to have all the power of C++ but the simplicity of QBASIC. It's no wonder I like it so much!

  53. You said create a folder in your system and i typed the command after but its not working

  54. You should try py instead of python at the command line. Otherwise you may get an error that python is not recognized even though you have python installen on your computer.

  55. She should also do classes on GNU+Linux command line and useful system implementation
    on the basis of Linux Mint MATE or PuppyLinux.
    Also analitics classes for libre office, Libre CAD, Gimp should be something interesting to follow.
    A different depth view on same applications, a different sinergy throughout em… some creativity organizing and using em as a complex organic tooling… perhaps implementing with L.A.M.P. programs or SQL

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