Help us publish women’s poetry

hey everyone Anna here I’m the
publishing manager at Girls on Key Press we focus on women and gender diverse
poets and we’re also building an LGBTQIA+ publishing charter so we’ve published
eight books so far of poetry from Australian and New Zealand poets and
we’ve got another series of books coming up starting in November and we’re really
looking for your support so that we can pay editors and proofreaders and
designers to get their books looking great and also to offer employment in
the arts so it’s a great opportunity we don’t have many dedicated
presses that can do this we do a print on demand model it’s a new model and
we’re really looking forward to working with all the poets that we have lined up
for you so you can pre-order the books that’s a great way to support that’s
only $30 or more and you get the copy of the book once it’s printed
there’s also tote bags and a whole bunch of other cool rewards so I just want to
thank everyone for their support of Girls on Key Poetry over the years.
We’ve been going since 2014 we run events all around the country and this
is our press and we’re really excited to be able to publish new works and new
books by women poets so thank you so much everyone and click donate and we
really appreciate every single bit of support no matter how small thanks guys

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