Henry James 1883 French Poets and Novelists beautiful Brentanos red morocco leather book Tauchnitz

here's a beautiful example of a Henry James book in a very attractive 19th century quarter leather binding published in Leipzig part of the Tosh in its edition it's a series of the publisher reprinted all kinds of famous books and works is 1883 there's some annotations here it's got the book plate of Francis O'Brien the well-known and important rare book dealer from Portland Maine for many years and daughter Bevan is actually still practicing his trade or the trade I should say and we see the papers uniformly aged toned as is often found on couch knits editions of this era due to the wood stock the wood pulp paper that was used by the publisher but the binding is very attractive gilt devices little floral gilt devices gilt lettering it's a grained read Morocco lovely marble boards marbled end papers and it is available now online from me brian de miembro

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