Hero’s Pose | Feminist Poem On Gender

I am posing, always posing. Demanding that my body contort, fit your ideals, not a shape that’s mine but one that is beautiful, pristine, perfect because what good would I be if my shape,
my poise, my pose was not one you liked? Posing, always posing, in case someone is looking, call us paranoid
but, watch the tabloids paw at actresses and you’ll
see judgement at every corner one bad photograph and you’ve gained weight
or lost it and they’re so worried, so concerned for her. As long as it makes a story. Girls are posing, always posing because if we didn’t show off enough we might
be a prude no one wants that. Show off too much though and we might be a
slut too rude, too loud, too lewd. No one would want us then except the dozens that came before making us less perfect, less pure so we pose. If we’re into you then we’re easy and that’s
no fun, if we’re not, we’re not worth the time of
day and we’re done, or else we’re playing hard to get and you’ll
make us run lest it’s our fault when something happens
and lives come undone. We can’t win you see, so we pose. Posing always posing, it doesn’t matter if we flaunt it or not, our sexuality is a taunt a slut or tease and either way it is your desire, your want that is written all over our bodies, our breasts,
our bare asses. We never realised until even putting a gun in our mouth is sexualised. For your gaze and never ours because how could we love each other when
this is a contest and we must never be like other girls, we
always have to be best. So we pose. We’re posing always posing in the way that we look and the way that we
dress and the way that we smile and the way that
we talk the perfect actress. Because otherwise we’re too bitchy, too bossy,
if you hear the stress, too aggressive; calm down dear, take a breath if you find we are under duress. So we pose. Girls are posing, always posing trying to carve their own niche, find their
own way and here you are talking over them because
you have so much to say. Girls find their own stereotypes and then
that way they stay bad girl or princess; geek girl or gay to try and stop the comments, society’s joyful
whispers we’ll sit and hope and pray. Because you see girls can be too fat or too skinny too stubborn and headstrong or too clingy, too ugly or too vapid and pretty. Always lacking beauty, no inbetween, no perfect girl. So they pose and they pose under spotlights and camera shutters. God forbid we are imperfect and God forbid
we try too hard then we’re just the vain girl: self-obsessed,
self-absorbed. There are no perfect women because you keep moving the goalposts changing the definition. Well, I say enough. I say all poses are perfect and pristine and
pretty. Tough shit if my voice is too loud, it’ll
drown yours out. This is my hero’s pose and you cannot touch me here.

7 thoughts on “Hero’s Pose | Feminist Poem On Gender

  1. Hi folks, hope you enjoyed the poem! Let me know how you feel gender roles have impacted you and also if you'd like to see more creative pieces like this from me ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. As a trans woman who spent most of this morning worrying about what to wear for an hour long driving lesson…this really spoke to me. Fantastic pose prose!

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