Hey Bill Nye, ‘Is It Possible to Ask Too Many Questions?’ #TuesdaysWithBill

Hi Bill. My name is Mike and I get told a
lot that I ask too many questions. So my question to you is what do you think would be different
if we as a culture were more encouraging of asking questions and being inquisitive and
trying to learn, trying to understand things, especially with kids? This is a great question. Can you ask too
many questions? I mean hypothetically you cannot ask too many questions. You cannot
investigate too thoroughly. Could you possibly? However, what your friends may be responding
to is something a little different. If somebody is trying to execute a task, let’s say sew
on a button, and you ask this person why are you sewing on a button? Why are you using
thread to sew on a button? Why are you using a needle and thread to sew on a button? The
person would think that you’re not paying attention. This is possible that you’re not
thinking for yourself, that you’re not using common sense. I’m not saying that’s what’s
happening but you reported at the top of your little segment here that people say you ask
to many questions. I don’t know. In other words it could be a
social interaction thing. If you were sewing on a button, in general you’re doing it because
the button fell off or the button was never put on the piece of clothing in the first
place and you’re using a needle and thread because that is our current button attaching
technology. There are other technologies. A little plastic strings but they’re not nearly
as aesthetically pleasing as thread. I mention this only by way of example. Along this line
if you – I’m in New York right now and it’s the holiday season and on a very famous department
store it says believe in the holiday season. Wouldn’t it be better or how would it be different
if it said question? That’s a good question man of questions, but be aware of your surroundings.
Be aware of social interactions. Don’t annoy people. Carry on.

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