HFPS Writers Club

yellow light or no in case I know quite a few purple lavender camouflage yes I hope they're still not a crap pink violet lavender my mom will not let me buy a calendar those are all the colors I know I'm not sure if there is more but as I grow I shall know them wild of colors there are wedding makes me feel like I was born that way that was like my good how does writing make you feel it makes me feel happy because if someone reads my story and you like it they do really get happy about that I'm most proud of the stories that I've done last year I didn't have as well stories this year I think what is it that you liked most about writers Club Chromebooks and they're obviously my favorite one so far is the star written Tim I've enjoyed getting extra time to write it makes me feel like I can just write down my feelings and like write fiction or nonfiction I'm most proud my am i ready

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