Hi, I’m a virgin | Slam poem (Savannah Brown response)

Hi! I’m a virgin.
What? You can’t be surprised When you’ve spent my entire life deciding
woman equals sexualise But not sexuality.
When I said I liked both, I was told I was greedy. Hi, I’m a virgin. But what does that mean?
I’m clean, I’m pure, I’m frigid, rather that than a whore,
but when you beg me to fuck you I can’t be so sure. Hi, I’m a virgin. Though people disagree
That a girl past her teens could be so pristine, For there’s a fire in your belly and you say
I lit the match. What a catch, because how should I know?
When I’m told blood will flow, but not that cum can follow?
I’m not told that I can moan and groan; I’m shown babies, and how much he can grow.
I’m taught chastity, not diversity. Taught no, not possibility. So I turn to the voices filled with blood,
Hear a world of yes yes yes and please, And find myself drowning in my own flood –
They didn’t teach this in the class on STDs. So over the years I learn from choked cries
and tears I need to be a good girl, daddy’s girl, a
school girl. I learn vocabulary but not a voice.
I learn position is not my choice. I learn pain is normal and hair is awful;
that I’m useless. Unless I do oral. I must know all these things yet know nothing
at all; like a child, like a girl, like a virgin. Because that’s what you like,
Not a body full of vermin, but a pale imitation of a child,
An invitation of innocence, A flirtation of admittance,
A perfect pre-pubescence with every hair plucked, Blow-job eyes whilst a lollipop sucked
As she’s bent over a text-book and learns to be fucked,
Because it’s not paedophilia if she’s in luck That virginity is a social construct. You like it white, you like it tight,
Because there’s nothing sexier than a girl who fights,
So if that’s what you want, we’ll give you a war.
Because I am sick of not knowing what side I should be on.
If I’m first, I’m a whore; If I’m last, I’m a bore,
Yet somehow I’m “more” than the girls on all fours. You’re damn right my body is a temple,
And that won’t change if I unlock the door. I don’t know what it’s like to turn the key
and do the walk of shame, Though my god I’m not looking forward to it.
Instead I know only how my vehicle with it’s license of innocence
Pours petrol on your burning desire; Your eyes leaving scorch marks
As you think how good I will look When you are the first to have my clothes
on your floor. Hi, I’m a virgin and no, that doesn’t mean
I have something, A prize to be won,
As your red-stained tongue Twists into my ear and tells me to take it
now take it here Because you don’t want to leave it too long
dear, And then you can boast to your friends that
Hi, I’m a virgin, and no that doesn’t mean I have something
that’s waiting to be lost at some divine cost. Hi, I’m a virgin, and no that doesn’t mean
I have something that other girls should long for.
Hi, I’m a virgin, and no that doesn’t mean I have something more.

100 thoughts on “Hi, I’m a virgin | Slam poem (Savannah Brown response)

  1. This video is funny only because she looks so young. I know she's probably like 20-21 or whatever but she literally looks like she's 14 lmao

  2. Hi I’m a virgin and will forever remain a virgin because I really don’t give a crap about sex. Even though people have told me,”Oh, you’ll change your mind in the future,” or,”But, you have to get married, and make children. It is compulsory for you to do so (that person was very religious), “ I just do not want to do that nor do I have the desire to do so.

  3. If you are NOT a Virgin when you marry, GOD will judge you (source Bible, new testament).

  4. Wow I really enjoyed this i thought it was gonna be a shaming video but it was really well done

  5. Its nice to know that im able to be a virgin at 17 and keep it until i get married and have other girls on my side with me

  6. I only clicked on this because savannah is my name and what is this video I'm sorry but she is speaking like Shakespeare

  7. Don't worry! Most of us are virgins.. its not bad. It means we can control ourselves.

  8. Can I just hit the like button like 4million times because it should have that many likes

  9. im a proud virgin even though only 17. and i will stay this way till marriage and maybe even after. why? because it doesnt matter

  10. I dated this guy who was known to be a dirty minded guy but I never had intercourse with him. When I went to this sex ed course they were talking about virgins and everyone was like "you can't be a virgin you dated (dated because I broke up with him. He was trying to get into my pants. I want to wait until marriage and we're both still teens) ____" and I told them I was since I am a virgin but they didn't believe me. Now everyone thinks I'm not one but it irks me since I'm serious about chasity. It doesn't help that my friends call me a thot because I wear what I'm confident in while they sit around in baggy clothes since they don't like their thick bodies and chubby bodies.

  11. "there's nothing sexier than a girl who fights so if that's what you want we'll give you a war" that part spoke to me

  12. You don't think it's a good thing, but it truly is Great you're still a virgin. Im a 18 yr old male, who's also virgin. As weird as it sounds, it was by choice. No one seems to understand the dangers or parameters of what they are doing to their soul and body when they partake in sex with multiple people. This goes beyond a societal construction. It's flat out dangerous.

  13. I'm 25. I'm a virgin. I don't want to be pure, innocent or chaste. I just wanna be me.

  14. I must admit I was a bit skeptical about this as it was like a continuation of Savannah's poem (which is so good) but you did the right disclaimers and your writing is sooo good, is so hard to be at Savannah's level but you did it. This complements Hi, I'm A Slut perfectly.

  15. "You're damn right, my body is a temple, and that won't change if I unlock the door."

  16. whether you lost your virginity at 12 or chillin as a 25 y/o virgin do what you wanna b

  17. im sorry……I heard her say "fire in your belly" and the first thing that immediately came to mind was Natsu.

    But I do like the poem and I did pay attention

  18. This is completely wrong. Guys really don't think that way and the ones who do are looked down upon. And yes males do prefer virgins because this means that the girl will be more able to have kids and will most likely won't have desises and will be more loyal -.- it's normal for a man to prefer and want a virgin! Fucking hell it's like you completely take out the factor if just how we evolved to be and prefer, so yeah guys will prefer a mate who has had less partners and is possibly even a virgin it doesn't make him a bad guy it just means thats what he prefers. Personally I'd prefer if the person I get with has 1. Not had many sexual partners or 2. Is actually still a bloody virgin… and I'm a girl!! That's what I like in guys along with their personality and looks. Girl you dont have forever to have kids and yes sure men may ASK you for sex and pestering may be wrong but in the end it's because women have a short space of time to get pregnant… -.-

  19. i am so grateful for your video! thank you!! this had to be said wow! you are just precious thank you for existing!

  20. "Useless unless I do oral" – that line 👌🏻👌🏻💯💯
    So good!👌🏻👌🏻💯💯💯

  21. The only one who cares about your virginuosity is the volcano god. It's name is Vulcan and his turn-ons are Fireside chats, BBQs and to enjoy the company of dirty talking virgins. Just don't get burnt by the molten lava!

  22. hi i’m slut is one of my favorite poems and this was the perfect response i love it

  23. yo to all you people in the comments like “ugh no one cares if you’re actually a virgin or not”

    i am not even 17 and i’ve has adults tell me they think it’s weird i’m a virgin

    i’ve had guys try to touch me and grab at me because they want to be my first and not because they want it special for me but because that’d be special for them

    i’ve seen guys not want to date certain girls because they are not virgins and they don’t want a “dirty” girl yet they hook up with a new girl everyday

    virginity is a weird concept and carries a weird stigma

    i don’t doubt that their are plenty of places all over the world where the people there don’t care about virginity or don’t make it a big deal but it definitely does happen in other places

    lol yeah that’s all

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