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Greetings, and welcome to Earthling Cinema.
I am your host, Garyx Wormuloid. This week’s artifact is One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,
or One Flew Over the for short. The film stars the inimitable Jack Nicholson, who is best
remembered as the mascot for the Los Angeles Lakers. When One Flew Over the begins, Randle P. McMurphy
has just been admitted to a mental institution, which is like a hotel for your brain. He befriends
the other residents of his ward, and starts up a classic rivalry with the domineering
Nurse Ratched. Before long, McMurphy steals a hospital bus and takes his friends on a
fishing boat to go fishing for fish. Later, after an impromptu brawl, Nurse Ratched gives
him shock therapy. Earth women, am I right? I don’t know if I’m right. McMurphy has had enough, so he decides to
escape. Naturally, he throws a party, subscribing to the human credo that alcohol fixes everything.
Turns out he’s a pretty great wingman. But he parties too hard
and falls asleep, which puts a damper on the
whole escape thing. Nurse Ratched arrives in the morning and notices a few things are out of place She threatens to tattle
on Billy, so he freaks out and kills himself. McMurphy is none too pleased about this, and
tries to hug Nurse Ratched’s neck to death. For this, he gets a lobotomy, which is where
they replace part of your brain with corned beef hash. In the end, the Chief gives McMurphy the old
Kevourkian treatment and then shamelessly plagiarizes his escape plan. At its core, One Flew Over the is about the
struggle between chaos and order. There’s no freedom without a little chaos, yet to
maintain order, there must be oppression. In this shot, McMurphy sees a baby horse running
along the edge of a chain link fence — freedom vs. man-made social order. Little-known fact:
that horse would go on to star is several more movies, including Seabiscuit, Hidalgo,
and Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps. McMurphy upsets the established routine of
the ward, asking for schedule changes and inspiring resistance during therapy sessions.
He teaches his fellow denizens to have fun and encourages them to embrace their disgusting human desires. McMurphy convinces them that not only are
they sane, but they are men, as evidenced by their desire to watch sports.
As he tells Martini during the card game, the residents of the ward are “real people.” In contrast, Nurse Ratched is an authoritarian.
The first time we see her she is framed by a gate, signifying imprisonment. Whereas McMurphy
flies by the seat of his pants, Nurse Ratched is always stoic, and nobody likes a stoic. The only time she shows any emotion is when McMurphy has
to literally choke it out of her, and that emotion is “ouch.” Order is imposed on the patients with an almost religious or cult-like rigor. When the patients are given their medicine, one of them receives
it on his tongue like communion. McMurphy rejects the communion when he spits the pills
out, choosing instead to forge his own destiny, one where he doesn’t have the icky taste
of medicine in his mouth. Maybe next time she’ll choose Flintstones. McMurphy soon discovers that he’s trapped
behind not just physical walls, but mental ones as well. Routine is imprisonment. While
many of the mental patients were self- admitted because they felt unfit to function in society,
their strict schedule makes them dependent, ensuring that they’ll stay that way. Meanwhile,
my strict schedule ensures that I’m never home in time to see my kids, so maybe it’s
not all bad. The sink, an old hydrotherapy console, represents
the establishment’s hold over the patients; the oppressive structure labels them as “crazy”
and nullifies their will to freedom. McMurphy attempts to use it as a means of liberation,
but can’t do it because he’s not tall enough to be strong. Later, when the Chief
tries to lift the console, he is successful because McMurphy has made him feel “as big
as a mountain,” and also because he is as big as a mountain. At the end, order has been re- established.
People are taking their medicine again, and Nurse Ratched is wearing
a cute new accessory. However, Harding and the other guys still gamble, both
as a small gesture of rebellion, and because otherwise cards are just boring. It seems McMurphy’s influence has not completely
disappeared. When the Chief kills MacMurphy, he sets him free, immortalizing him as a symbol
of hope that will forever inspire the patients. He also sets the audience free by ending the
movie. For Earthling Cinema, I’m Garyx Wormuloid.
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    If you didn't realize, those are members of a band called "Pussy Riot"
    The More You Know

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    Censor, next time… gross!

  6. This is definitely the best hidden meaning episode. And it helped me for ap lit too lol

  7. dude i like your videos but im not gonna subscribe cuz i really dont think that any of these movies have anything to BE AIMED AT CHRIST. sounds like you got some sort of vendetta towards religion in general. anyways great editing an thorough work. God bless

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  19. Good review but the humour of commenting didn't went well with the movie's more serious story.

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  25. You used Heath Ledger’s crappy Joker. You do realize Jack Nicholson himself played the superior Joker you could have used?

  26. The meaning is Nurse was a bitch on a power trip and was source of 99% of the problems. Naturally staff doesn't give a damn and does nothing about it.

  27. You completely missed the part about women. Nurse ratchet is a woman who controls them, and the chief explains that his controlling step mom made his father into a shell of a man. Meanwhile the prostitutes are portrayed as free and they get the patients to open up.

  28. If you still feel like you have to go and pee after watching this movie I'm telling you you are one worthless ass piece of trash because if you do then you didn't get anything of the greatness of this masterpiece.

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    Love the EYEBROWS!  😉  🙂

    "To get a lobotomy of your very own…." STOP KILLING ME WITH LAUGHTER!  😉

  31. Am I the only one who sees Chief Bromden as the title character…. In old english to "Fly" meant to Escape something, plus it's an American Indian name.

    The Chief escaped, he literally "flew the nest" and he's American Indian. He was ultimately the title character of the film.

  32. The book is a metaphor for America and LSD. McMurphy is Timothy Leary. The chief is native American shames etc

  33. hidden exploitation of native americans as part of mkultra

  34. Oh yeah, there's lots of "hidden" meanings in the story of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest , much more than meets the eye. Here's one: One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest is a story of totalitarianism in a microcosm.

    Watch out! Perhaps some shouldn't think about that too much if at all: If you can't think big, then you probably can't think small either.

  35. And also because he is as big as a damn mountain 😂😂😂😂😂

  36. "He also sets the audience free by ending the movie." jhkkhhahkdjkhhdkjkjslsss

  37. This guy honestly sucks. He basically just said the main events of this story, made a bunch of really lame references, and that the movie ended for the viewers own good. Way to shine the truth light down on the real "hidden meaning" of One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest. A little kid that hasn't even watched the movie could most likely explain it better than this guy making the video can. I'm not sure if his content is just "funny" lame way to get views or something, but I'm not even going to check out his channel because watching one of his videos was already one too many.

  38. Your brows somehow remind me of Denobulans….and I think Nurse Ratched and McMurphy are the exact same people. They see everyone around them as something that can be controlled. Her behind the glass…him with the subjects.

  39. I thought the movie was a statement about practices used in mental institutions. Practices like EST, lobotomies and of course, the heavy use of big pharma.

  40. Isn't this more about migratory police forces authorized by a higher native power, governmental traitor, who the majority of people are too afraid or brainwashed to protest against (ala liberals "sjw's") Ultimately being the only one willing to fight back and showing these people that they don't have to lead this reality he ends up being killed/martyred, they go against him at times themselves knowing they're wrong) The books a better choice for an analysis, there's a heavier emphasis on the "black boys" and why miss ratched chose them, all the doctors are afraid of her (somewhat socialist/commie vibes throughout scenes when staff mention her), and also in the book at the end after all the "chaos he causes" the acute patients all leave the hospital other than 2.
    There's also a good quote near the end of the party where MCmurphy asks Harding "what is it, what happens", "all of this?" Harding "it wasn't the practices, I don't think, it was the feeling that the great, deadly pointing forefinger of society was pointing at me – and the great voice of millions chanting, shame, shame, shame, it's societies way of dealings with someone different" (shame tactics, socio-political level, racist, bigot, toxic masculinity etc etc) and then regarding why McMurphy is in the nut house still he says "it's because of us" (you should really read it to get the idea

    Also the book is told from chiefs perspective and there's alot about how Indians were bought off, had their land taken (said nothing) and about the war..

    Books smashes the movie, and I've adored the movie for a long time but wow it really doesn't quite.. match up

  41. McMurphy showed the Indian how to hold the basketball, and later he held the pillow exactly the same way when he killed him.

  42. McMurphy represents the woke individual free from the shackles while the other non-committed conformists are broken down and afraid of the system.. once the free man gathers enough followers against the system aka Nurse Ratched aka govt along with her minions aka police/military to enforce the control then said govt silences the free man aka McMurphy..

  43. I’m sorry but this is the best god damn episode of earthing cinema I’ve seen in hallamera light years to the power of 5

  44. I just watched the movie I didn’t understand why chief killed the guy with lobotomy but now I understand thank u man

  45. Hidden meaning is lost in this comical review. This movie deserves better interpretation. Except for the whores the women are ball cutters, the communion is a face of modern society, n people control us by hitting where it hurts. Jack is the cuckoo who flies or is that chief?

  46. I do have some questions that I'd like answered about this film. It would be about some things in the film that were unexplained. The patients that were self committed and could check out at anytime if they wish, why didn't they check out if they desired to, they showed they were too afraid to do that, what were they afraid of? Is shock therapy outlawed now? I heard they outlawed it and why use it if it does no good for anyone? It would do more harm than good. Also, why did Billy have a breakdown when Ratched threatened to tell his mother about what he did? Even when he stood up to her. What was it about his mother that got him so terrified? And when they said to avoid being taken "Upstairs" what was it about upstairs that was so ominous? Was that where the lobotomy happens? Just asking because I think we all eventually forgotten some details because it's been a long time since some of us saw this film.

  47. oh wisecrack was soooo bad like this one…. now in 2019 its much much better
    plz re do this film

  48. 존나 병맛이넼ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ시밬ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ이 명작을 이렇게 요약하다니 천재다 천재

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