Hidden Meanings Behind J. Cole’s ‘Middle Child’ Video Explained

– [Narrator] J. Cole released the much-anticipated music video to his song, “Middle Child.” It was directed by Mez, and Scott Lazer was the creative director. Lazer also directed a
number of Cole’s videos including “ATM,” “Kevin’s
Heart,” “4 Your Eyez Only,” and his documentary and concert series, “Forest Hills Drive Homecoming.” But what sets this project apart is how well the visuals
complement the overall message of his lyrics. The video shows that while
Cole is continuously overlooked in the music industry, the
rapper is still a quiet but deadly hunter. Here’s a breakdown of all the
things you might have missed in J. Cole’s newest video. ♪ I’m all in my bag, this hard as it get ♪ – Throughout most of the video, J. Cole is in the middle of the screen while everything is happening around him. Sort of like how kids
describe their experiences being a middle child in their family. The video also wastes little time highlighting J. Cole’s targets. The scene opens with Cole
in the center of the screen with a silhouetted crowd behind him. When the beat drops, affluent figures on the
red carpet celebrate but aren’t paying any
attention to Cole’s presence. The red-carpet event is also in the woods. It’s the first visual
hint of the hunting motif that comes up throughout the entire video. When the lights fade
and the scene changes, the lively crowd now
lies dead in the morgue. The red carpet has been
replaced with red dirt, which also covers the
soles of the dead’s shoes. The red bottoms remind viewers of the ever-popular
high-end Louboutin shoes that have quickly become a status symbol. But the fact that the
soles are made from dirt make the wearer seem fake and ingenuine. The ironic tattoo that reads “loyalty” on the female cadaver’s ankle also brings his message forward. But why this particular imagery? – What was the reason?
– I have a reason. – What was the reason?
– I have a reason. – What was the reason?!
– I just explained! – [Narrator] Well, when
it comes to award shows, J. Cole has notoriously been snubbed. The artist has been up
for a music-related award 43 times since 2012 and only won six of them.
For the Grammys specifically, the artist has been nominated seven times and hasn’t won once! He’s been beat out by
Childish Gambino, Ella Mai, Chance The Rapper, Kendrick
Lamar, and The Weeknd. But despite this, Cole has
been and still is killing it. The artist, who also produces
almost all of his records, went certified platinum with no features with his 2014 album “Forest Hills Drive.” His albums “Cole World,” “Born
Sinner,” “4 Your Eyez Only,” and “KOD” also went platinum. Cole continues riding around in the familiar red dirt
backwoods in a Bentley. Covering the very expensive vehicle in mud without a care in the world. We get a peek into his hunting lodge with three human heads on
display over a fireplace. The plaques under the heads
read “Your Favorite Rapper,” “This Could Be You,”
and “Ask For A Feature.” While the messages are pretty generic and could fit a number
of overrated artists, people on Twitter are
giving their best guesses. My guess would have to be Lil Pump for the artist in the middle. Given the colorful hair and
Cole and Pump’s past beef. Last year, fans thought
Cole was calling out Pump in his “KOD” track “1985,” and tensions were high. Yes, the beef was squashed, but the “This Could Be You” plaque could be a warning. Just a theory. Another theory is that the colorful hair just represents new age
rappers as a monolith. Cole’s made it clear in his song that he’s apparently
over any personal beefs. ♪ But I’d never beef with
a n—- for nothin’ ♪ ♪ If I smoke a rapper,
it’s gon’ be legit ♪ – The lyrics overtly
reveal the meaning behind the “Middle Child” song title. The artist feels that he
rests between two ages of rap: old school and new school and is OK with acting as
a bridge between them. ♪ I’m dead in the middle
of two generations ♪ ♪ I’m little bro and big bro all at once ♪ – He acknowledges that he learned a lot from the legends before him and is looking to help the
next wave of real artists. And the theme that sticks
out in this part of the video is what it means to be real. We’ve switched scenes from the
backwoods to the supermarket, a play on the hunters versus the buyers. The buyers here are the
people who weren’t out there hunting for their success but passively relying on
the innovation of others. Like this woman in camouflage who’s literally shopping for the juice. The supermarket environment
is also interesting in that it is the complete opposite of the grungy outdoor
environment we just saw. Cole literally rolls
past and props himself next to the cleaning product aisle. Notice again that Cole isn’t
walking around the supermarket but is either sitting in the shopping cart or propped up against the shelves. His art is what other
artists are trying to cop for themselves. Another theme worth
noting is how black women are portrayed throughout this video. Cole has a powerful, young,
all-female marching band setting the pace and the
beat for the whole song. The idea of setting the pace is continued with the shocking end to the video. A white woman notices a
black woman’s babyhairs and is immediately seen shopping
for a black woman’s face in the grocery store. The black face had a red “special”
sticker on the packaging. J. Cole said it best: ♪ Money in your palm don’t make you real ♪ – The video shows the
dangers of appropriation. How features and styles of
black women are only celebrated when they aren’t on black women. Do you think the heads
on the mantles were shots at specific artists? Do you think Cole is way
overdue for a Grammy? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe.

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  1. Yeah. We never had a hero outside Jordan. So we're not used to fairy tales. We feel obligated to keep it ๐Ÿ’ฏ.

  2. He get treated the way he do because he doesnt kiss ass and he's nit tryin to be like the rest

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  5. Cole speaks truth and he has his own style and produces his own shit…..the Grammys want him to be like everybody else and what not but hes not….hes been killing the game and they cant stand it….that's why they havent gave him no Grammy yet BUT one

  6. I am a woman of a particular age who stands on the line of old school and new school. There is no versus for me it's about the two entities respecting, learning, and receiving encouragement from one another which describes as well promoting progress. I am so thankful and proud of Mr. Cole's ability to middle his way through all the crap and come clean out on the other side. There is proven scientific facts that everyone needs & wants validation and confirmation for a life lived However in this dog eat dog world I've learned that sometimes you don't get that and the best acknowledgement of one's efforts has to come from oneself. It's about being thankful, patting yourself on the back, keeping it moving and quietly but graciously exhibit humility just like Mr. Cole's is doing well. I'm proud of you keep doing what you're doing Mr. Cole.โš“โœ๏ธ๐Ÿค—

  7. Idk who thought these were โ€œhiddenโ€, yโ€™all are reaching in most of them and creating your own interpretation of the actual hidden meaning. This video explanation took an L

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    10% of Comments = J Cole is the realist
    10% of Comments = Other

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  16. No hes going to kill targeted rappers. For example at the start of his song he said how hes countin the bullets and loading then to magazines. Then you can tell hes in the red carpet of the music award where you see kendrick lamar hugging a women and everyone clapping. also only the people that were being acknowledged were appear dead in the next sene. Not only that, but he actually said other targets name in the supermarket sene. He also says how hes making a list writing down names and checking it twice right after when he said hes counting bullets and loading them. Thats my opinion to middle child

  17. Outstanding analysis of one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite artists! Thank you! And yes! He is WAAAAAYYY overdue for a Grammy and other awards! He is a G.O.A.T.! ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏโ€ผ๏ธ

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  21. Absolutely beautiful respectful and tasteful video Insider. Good job. Respect for j Cole for over a decade. We heard him before he blew up. He speaks writes and raps from his soul. INTUTION at its finest

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  27. i love kendrick and j cole i believe these are the only real rappers but cole is too underrated and fact is he is one of the greatest or if not the greatest check the guys that beat him to the grammies except kendrick none challenges him

  28. I wonder what the response would be if this were a white woman speaking on a black woman ๐Ÿง

  29. Cole dont care bout some grammy : Did you forget Fire Squad Here comes lilโ€™ olโ€™ Jermaine

    With every ounce of strength in his veins

    To snatch the crown from whoever yโ€™all think has it

    But rather than place it on his head as soon as he grabs it

    Poof, boom, paow, itโ€™s like magic

    With a flash and a BANG the crown disintegrates

    And falls to the Earth from which it came

    Itโ€™s done
    While everybody is busy in claiming that they are the โ€œking of this rap game,โ€ J.Cole takes the crown, not to hold onto it, but to end the debate forever.

    Cole doesnโ€™t think the crown is something of power. He thinks itโ€™s a corrupting vice in the modern day rap game, something you try to boost your own ego with. The destruction of the crown symbolizes the end of grandstanding in rap and respect for the work of other artists.


  31. I'm sorry but tell me this is it right for a a Latina two were edges it's just a question ๐Ÿค”

  32. The Head In The Hunting Lodge In The Middle That Says This Can BE You Is In The Middle, Since The Song Is Named Middle Child, And The Thing Says This Can Be You It Must Mean, You Could Be A Middle Child. …. The one that says your favorite rapper which is first head on the wall so it must mean that they act like they were broke but their not and they grew up better since the little kids mostly get treated better(Not Always). And The Last One On The Wall Says Ask For A Feature Means That They Are Not Famous Because Their raps were old and they grew up in the older generation, so they must ask for a feature to to become famous, Video Explained. (Sorta) (Age Order)

  33. What was the reason what was the reason what was the reason

  34. Yes def yes cole well deserve it. Last of the mc 's that to me take his music on a conscious an subconsciously spiritual level I just want to say don't let them cheese awards effect your genuine powerful afrocentricousity of life an style much love 1love an peace

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