HILARIOUS Hidden Messages in Backwards Songs!

It’s Stevie T again, and i’m beingkept hostage again pantree But don’t worry about it im fine So why don’t we jump right into in before I get shot Miley Cyrus used to be such an innocent little Disney star but now she’s being accused of having some sexually explicit hidden meanings in a song that is Already kind of sexually explicit in her song wrecking ball You came in then you wrecked my balls So the part of the song under question is this part right here Now apparently if you play that backwards you get this This girl horny, she love you does she love me long time All right this girl horny Miley Cyrus, we already knew that You didn’t have to subliminally hide it in your song now There’s only one way to know for sure if this subliminal message was hidden intentionally. So we’re gonna give this the vocal test I’ll show you how this works record This girl harness. She love you All right, now I’m gonna take this audio clip and reverse it I put my thing down flip it and reverse it Now when I play this clip back It should sound like the original lyrics and if it doesn’t then we can’t assume that Miley Cyrus hid this message in there intentionally Sounds more like it’s saying we gladly chained our hearts a She no horses You know, I gotta say that doesn’t sound like the original at all. No. No, it doesn’t So did Miley Cyrus intentionally try to taint our minds? Yeah, yeah a little bit only when you play the song forwards though. This backwards hidden message is absolute Now if you think TV theme songs have gone off scot-free well You can think again because this time we’ve got good old Popeye the sailorman being accused of having the mouth of a sailor So here it is four words We got the picture, but if you play that backwards you get this Popeye you dirty old man Okay. Well, first of all, it doesn’t sound like you saying the f-word I don’t like to swear in my videos It sounds more like you sang Yes Okay, listen I know we don’t like to think that Popeye would intentionally do this, but let’s face it The guy’s unpredictable. Okay, he’s got substance abuse problems possible anger issues So we can’t put it past them. So why don’t we do the vocal test to help prove his innocence? Yes, give me a foul. Oh, yes get me a fine now Reverse and review So apparently we’re not even gonna say sailor anymore I pop my boy So I guess Popeye is in the clear no, he did not intentionally leave swear words in his theme song Now the next one is so hilarious that there’s no possible way it was hidden intentionally it’s the police with Roxanne rocks and me Been in the one part of the song he says sell your body to the night And if you play that backwards you get this hilarious subliminal message Not quite sure what that supposed to mean sting though, I do have to admit sting does have a really tight Uh, well, we’ll play it again. Oh You’re leaving oh, why don’t you stay and loosen up – I Really? Hope this one has some truth to it. Let’s give it the vocal test Stay a loosen up Mouse All right. Let’s see All right, then all right then the first part of that actually sounded pretty close to the original Apparently we went from sell your body to the night – SIA bought it – Morris Oh, hey, man. I heard you were looking to sell your body. Why don’t you sell it to my ass? Wow, although because it doesn’t sound exactly like the original Unfortunately, we can’t assume that it was intentional Roxanne Yeah Now the Beatles have had their share of subliminal message accusations But this time, it’s Sir Paul McCartney who’s on trial Paul McCartney and wings with their song band on the run man’s on run So the part of the song that is accused is this part right here? And if you play that backwards you get this marijuana a subliminal message Yeah with all that marijuana you would be banished from the law I would think okay I got to hear that again So right off the bat I’m skeptical because it doesn’t sound like he’s saying marijuana it sounds more like you saying one Huge difference, so we went from marijuana To marijuana But let’s give it the vocal test to find out for sure The law banished us reverse review you’re getting the picture So apparently been on the run is now Carole Ram Oh What the heck is a Hanover am That first part was pretty good actually searched and everyone then it just gives up and it’s like Like when I’ll stroke there mom Hanover Ram That doesn’t sound like been on the run at all. So I’m thinking this subliminal message was not intentional Now let me take you back to 1992 when Barney the dinosaur was fresh on the scene and Stevie we Was an absolute Barney. Junkie. I love that Little did I know that Barney was feeding us subliminal messages in his backwards theme song. No wonder I ended up like this So it is this part of the theme song right here ready for a nostalgia trip Okay, we all know the theme song but if you play it backwards you get this Whoa Barty hi kids today, we’re gonna talk a little phaeton Barney so gentle we sleep with him. We’re making out with him Barney we have to clear Barney’s name. Let’s give this the vocal test. See if my childhood hero was really a Satanist Barney is so gentle we sleep with him. We’re making out with him We do revenge and suffer while he is mocking us can’t believe we got that stupid smell Why is he here man? We’ve got to buy some slippers and some sushi No, and then we back in slay a Christian while you look so fat that Was a mouthful. Okay. So let’s reverse and see what we got. I Don’t know what language that was in but that was not the original lyrics not even close Barney can be your friend too if you just join with Satan All right Wow it’s been fun spin hilarious If I’m gonna be perfectly honest testing out songs Like this is like my new favorite hobby. And if you know of any songs that have hidden meanings that we should test together Comment it in the comment section and please subscribe and hit the notification bell ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding

100 thoughts on “HILARIOUS Hidden Messages in Backwards Songs!

  1. They're all clear because you don't have the same voice and your not saying the words the same way.

  2. Anyone else think he sounds like the grinch whwn he sings dude not to be mean but legit though

  3. I think the muffin time you should try I think it says the world is mine look beautiful

  4. lol the reason why its not the same its because he sings the backwards language really bad

  5. Play the hole Muffin Song backwards… it give illuminati information….. heres a part "Yes! Yes! Yes! The world is mine! Beautiful, see?"

  6. You need the say the backwards words in non-reverse then reverse it again. You find the hidden lyrics. Common Sense!

  7. It doesn't show up because u don't have the same voice so get a phone and put it to the vocal in reverse

  8. Muffin song "cuz I wanna die die die die die die it's muffin time cuz I wanna die die die die die die it's muffin time"

  9. Muffin: cuz I wanna die die die die die die it's muffin time
    Niffum: yes yes yes the world is mine beautiful see
    mEh: I WiLl rEmOVE tHE "it's muffin time" part

  10. “we came over to wreck your balls”

    edit:that’s what i heard

  11. Me:*watches Steve screaming"YOU CAME IN AND WRECED MY BALLS!"
    ME:*runs to the kitchen where my mom is*
    Me:*screams at mom"YOU CAME IN AND WRECKED MY BALLS!"

  12. *Cough this is the most weirdest vid I've seen… Its way to cringey… sorry…

  13. I hate you you hate me let’s get together and kill Barney no offense with a 1 shot 2 shot 3 shot 4 no more purple dinosaur

  14. twenty one pilots stressed out… and gos like this we used to builld a rocket ship then we fly it far away.

  15. "Barney Joins the chat"
    B"I'm mad"
    B"Im now satan"

  16. Nice throwback to your older video: I put my thing down flip it and reverse it, gibberish

  17. This girl hawny she love you
    Steve: d-does she love love me long time
    Steve pt 2: this girl hawneh

  18. Barney:ł'₥ ₲Ø₦₦₳ ⱤɄł₦ ₮Ⱨł₴ ₩ⱧØⱠɆ ₵ⱧłⱠĐⱧØØĐ

  19. Me: *sees barney*😂
    Also me: OH HELL NAW!!!!!!!

  20. 5:10 when it says my a Dibble s then it sounds like Jacksepiticeye kinda dosn’t it?
    Edit : I fixed up the time of song

  21. This guys 'vocal test ' is absolute shit you aren't saying it accurately and basically none of them are actually subliminal messages so why make the video???

  22. Yram dah a elttil bmal elttil bmal elttil bmal (who ever gets the song right is the winner) (hint it's backwards)

  23. This is stupid…that's not how you actually prove that the song is the lyrics backwards

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