Hilarious interview between Jake the Fake and author Craig Robinson

hi I'm Craig Robinson musician comedian and actor and I along with Adam mans Bach wrote this book check the fake keeps it real illustrated by Keith Knight and today I'm here with the star of the book Jake how you doing buddy hey Greg I'm doing well you got some great questions for me ask away why did you create a story about me and why am i fake I create a story about you because it's kind of reflects my life in my early years I was a musician I was kind of awkward and a funny kid and I well made you fake because you kind of faked your way into the school you got into yeah let's not talk about that kids treating is wrong Craig how will we move on yeah why did he decide to write a book for kids the same age as me great question I wanted to write a book that was fun and hopefully as for ratio to kids your age about finding a talent and we continue this interview please why should everyone read this funny Illustrated middle grade book everyone should read this book because it's fun it's quirky shines a light on those who are artsy and it's a nice story about being creative and trying new things are you eating fruit mm-hmm what do you just keep fruit on you all day yeah yeah me too

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