Hilarious older and younger brother wedding speech!

Hello Everyone for those of you who don’t
know me, I’m Scott, and I’ve known Mike for about, how old are you Mike? 29? I’m the oldest of the McCusker brothers, and
one could say that I’m a trend setter. I’m the first of us to work electrical with
our father, as well as the first to go to Western University, and the first to bartend
at the Western University’s campus bar. But, somehow the last to finish school. And, I’m Kyle, the youngest of the McCusker
brothers. I’ve known Mike for just about 23 years now
and I think I’ve liked him for about 5. For those of you know don’t know me it’s “Our
youngest” is how I’m usually described because there’s “Scott, he’s got his PHD and he specializes
in Anesthesiology, hes so great” and “Mike, oh my god he’s going to take over the company”
and then “theres Kyle our youngest”. We would like to start by just thanking everyone
who came here today to celebrate Mike and Char. It is a true testiment to the Bride and Groom
that all fo you have taken your time out of your busy schedules to come and witness their
marriage. We would also like to congratulate Mike and
Char for being the most elite couple that Whitby, or even Canada, has even seen. This power couple will go to the gym at 4
o’clock in the morning prior to working an 8-hour shift, come home, make financially
wise decisions, whle then preparing meals for the next two weeks. Yeah, Mike and Char take hastag couplegoals
to a whole new level. My girlfriend Kal and Iare practising physicians
and when we talk about Mike and Char accomplishments, we wonder where the hell we went wrong. Imagine being part of the Amazing Race and
these two walk on set, “Uh, yeah, boss… I’m going to be in tomorrow”. Thats pretty much how it would go essentially. Everyone in this audience today is safe because
you can always just say “Well thats just good parenting”, but we’re Mike’s brothers so we
have no excuse! Where’s Charlotte’s brother Chris? You know exactly what I’m talking about. Mike asked us to do his speech today, and
obviously we couldn’t be more happy to be doing this, but he thought it would be the
more “safe” option, but we are probably more likely to offend him then anyone else in this
room. So, growing up Mike was the athelete. He playe Triple A Hockey with current NHL
players like PK Subban and Stephen Stamkos, as well as played lacrosse with the current
head coach of the Michigan State University Lacrosse team right now. He was also intelligent and got an honors
specialization in biology “with distinction”, which essentially means he got higher grades
than both Kyle and I. Everything came natural to Mike and because
of this he was always labelled as the “golden child”. But, we’re here tonight to debunk that misconception. Dad, would you kindly stand up and let everyone
know here tonight that Mike is in fact NOT the golden child. Um, well the way I see it guys and I’ll say
this in front of everybody here. Mike, theres no way he’s the golden child,
okay. I love all three of my boys, golden, not a
chance, platnum maybe, but gold? no way! Alright old man sit down, we’re done here! Yeah dad thats enough of that. But yeah, Mike definitely made our parents
proud. How couldn’t he. But the only person more proud of Mike than
our parents, has got to be Mike himself. That guy loves to boast about himself. During his years in school, he effortlessly
just aced courses. Didn’t try, 95s, sure. High school, guy played Triple A Hockey, comes
home bleech blonde hair, but he’d get 95s and he’s only talking about his practices
he has to go to. I mean great job pal what round you get drafted
in again? University, he’s all into fitness now, and
he’s still getting 95s/94s but he’s still more focussed on his body fat percentage going
from 3.1% to 3.08%, but he’ll tell you all about that. So modest about his education. And all these great things to go to Mike’s
head, you’d be suprised it’s still the size of a peanut! But yeah that was during school and he’s all
grown up now, you think he’d be a little different, a little bit more humble? Maybe. But in 2016 he took Charlotte to the Willis
tower, got down on one knee, and he said… “You’re welcome”. Jokes aside, Mike honestly you are a role
model for all of us gathered here in this room tonight. I’m your older brother and Iook up to you… litterally I can’t believe you are taller
than me. You have a discipline that is on a completely
different level than everyone else here in this room tonight. You show us the right way to share, and you
show us the right way to work, and most importantly you show us the right way to love, and with
Charlotte by your side, I know that both of you will show us the right way to live happily
ever after. And thats the real we are here tonight right? Charlotte. I’ve known Charlotte for about almost 8 years
now. While Mike was in University essentially duplicating
my entire undergraduate experience but without facial hair, he told me about a girl that
he met in Whitby in the Fall of 2010. My first impression of Charlotte is that she
was beautiful, charming, friendly and thoughful. Obviously confirming the old adage that opposites
attract. She fit in instantly with our family, as well
as tolerated our father when he had too many drinks at The Keg. And we love her for that. So tonight, it is amazing just to see Charlotte. Our first impression tonight, obviously she
looks stunning. Everyone obviously agrees so lets get a round
of applause for that. The dress is beautiful obviously a change
from the pants she wears in the relationship. So Charlotte, tonight is your night, and our
brother chose you to be his wife, and we could not be more excited. Everyone here today agrees that both of you
look amazing. And, you’re both amazing inside and out, best
people you’ll ever meet, and you guys just couldn’t be luckier. So, to that, so everyone to that stand up
and raise a glass. Today Mike and Charlotte get married, and
Scott and I gain a sister, and Charlotte with you becoming our sister we need to share with
you the 5 absolutely essential, crucial, things you need to know to be a McCusker. Okay. Number one you do not ever!… Oh, ugh, I’ve just been told that it’s actually
past Mike and Charlotte’s bedtime and we need to wrap this up. Sorry guys! Cheers guys! Cheers to Mike and Char! Well I think everyone will agree Scott and
Kyle did a great job. Give them a round of applause. Next up we’re going to have Charlotte’s parents.

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