Hindi Animated Story – Balwaan Kaun ? | बलवान कौन? | Who Is Strong? | The Wind and The Sun

Balavaan Kaun Once air and sun debate The wind said to the sun I’m stronger than you Sun said to the wind! I have more power than you A man lying at the sight of the wind The wind said There is no benefit from debating like this Who take off this man’s coat He is more powerful The sun agreed on the wind He said Ok show your strength Wind started showing its strength Wind started showing its strength He kept the coat above his body with his hands. And quickly shuts the coat buttons. wind-blows more loud And finally the man fell down But the court remained on his body. Now the air was tired. Sun said. wind Now look at my strength. The sun began to hoting. Man opened coat buttons The sun’s heat grew The man removed the coat and started walking keeping coat in his hand Sun said, saw my power? I removed his coat? Wind greeted the sun and said “Got your strength”

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  5. I have hear these story when I was too small it is one of my favourate childhood story my younger sister love this story too😊😊😊😊😄😄

  6. Yeah poem Meri 2nd class mein thi Aur Main 4th class mein Hoon Mujhko abhi bhi a poem Yaad Hai

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  8. मेरी क्लास में भी यही स्टोरिय सेकंड क्लास में

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