Hindi Animated Story – Kachua aur Khargosh | Rabbit and Tortoise | कछुआ और खरगोश

Rabbit and Tortoise Do you remember, today is Monday? The race program just after an hour Memorized Brother, I have Complete Preparation Race started Tortoise is very behind, Aah… let me relax a bit The rabbit sleeps due to the cold air and the tortoise wins the race This time it was cheated ha ha Let’s race once more and see who wins Let’s all right. Let’s race once more Let’s race now till the den of the lion This time the rabbit does not make any mistake in the race and wins the race Tortoise looked, rabbit making dance, It got messed up Once you wined and once I, out of two Let’s be once more. Right, now it will be final, Okay This time let us race up-to that hill The path through which they goes to race there comes a river The rabbit is stunned by the river What do I do now In a hurry it was not remembered that to reach the hill it is required to cross the river. (Tortoise Crossed the River) Bye Tortoise crossed the river again and reached to the rabbit and said Look, brother you are running fast and I gently, a race I won and one you But now this race will win both of us You do so, sit on my back and I cross you over the river The two cross the river together and both win together

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  1. Khavi chalaki math dekho
    Nice story

  2. 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃🎂🎂🎂 Nice best story

  3. i do not know power come from differents souces . i know every one wind and sun

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