hindi poetry UNN DINO KI BAAT (Poem) Vivek Bhatt

These are the days of the days. When we used to play together, we used to fight each other on small things

Were ever together. Were ever close. They were the only ones who were special

These are the days when we used to live together. But there was something that we were afraid of

Was it the time that no one was thrust

Now those things are not happening. Where did you go that night?

Today, after seeing those paths, there was some evening watching.

I was still awake
Still lost the eye Today, after seeing those paths

Today I met again those paths

Did remember when these eyes were crying
Where is the sunny of winter
Where is the form of childhood
Where is the memories of friends
Where is the love of childhood
Sea in the eyes
Smoke on the eyelids That was the world of childhood

Now lies the truth

I live in childhood

They are the liars of now

Then the day had to stay ……… .. Now the day is cut off …… Thinking the same night … Now I fill my eyes …..

These are the days of the day When used to live with Used to go to school Where was one such Whereby we were afraid Ever … .. Were ever close …………… They were the only ones ……………… .. Which were special

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