Hindi Romantic poetry | Hindi prem kavita |Hindi short poetry

All about your first love | Love stories | Childhood love | Love at first sight..!! Reminiscing about the cherished moment of my adolescence, When I saw you for the first time, even though I was not big enough to understand the love, The instant your eyes touched me, I was spellbound & the moment froze, That magical moment have alchemized into “my life.” I am sure, everyone has experienced this in their life and can relate to this poetry.

5 thoughts on “Hindi Romantic poetry | Hindi prem kavita |Hindi short poetry

  1. Apne din yaad aa gaye. Aapki aawaz bagut achchi hi..! Subscribed to your channel.

  2. Big like 12
    Nice 👍 💥
    Like to banta Hai ♥️✔️👍

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