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“Nature is a great teacher and healer.” Hi friends,
I wrote this poetry, when I was living with my children in Kolkata for their studies. My husband was in Patna looking after his parents. Both of us were always together since marriage. So, it was a difficult time for us. There was an old tree on the roadside. It was just in front of our building. I sat there in the verandah of 3rd floor…its branches caressed me whenever I felt lonely. I always felt like he guarded me and my children all the time. One more thing I want to share with you guys, He use to visit us once in a month, So, I use to count the days of his next visit by counting sundays only If the day is coming after 4 sundays, I counted as 4 days only… It was little easier to spend rest of the time…:) Tere is ghane chaanv ke tale hamare beech yeh rishte pale the kabhie pita ke aashirvaad sa aur kabhie dost ke sneh sa, tune har pal meri godko bhara tha.! yaad hi mujhe jab tune phoolon ka gehna pahna tha basanti aur ujle rang se sarabor tu nikhar sa gaya tha Chandni raat mein chaand bhi sharma sa gaya tha tere us roop ko dekh mujhe bhi apna zamana yaad aaya tha, Mere har aansoo ke saath tere patte jharte the, Tere naye patte mujh mein nai aashaaon ka sanchar karte the tumne mujhe zindagi ko kareeb se dikhaya tha, Sapnon ke gagan aur yatharth ki bhoomi ke beech laya tha, Ab to main bhi tum bun gai hoon, gumsum si ek kinare khadi rahti hoon, sheetal bayar mein thoda jhoom leti hoon Tapti dopahri mein chaanv bunne ki koshish karti hoon, Tera yeh saath jaane ke baad bahut rulayega, Kabhie khushi aur kabhie gham ka yeh zamana yaad dilayega…!

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  2. เคฌเคนเฅเคค เคนเฅ€ เคธเฅเคจเฅเคฆเคฐ poetry… เคญเคพเคตเคจเคพเคคเฅเคฎเค•๐Ÿ‘

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