"Hir" Poem about trangsgendered youth.

person love for team filling the hairball was about transgender issues have this one being being expressed through two people one size two boy one size to girl Melissa sits in the back of the classroom afraid to speak up she pulled awkwardly at her extra loose khaki cargo pants she doesn't want the boys to notice her James finds himself in the back of the classroom his baseball cap casts a shadow on his pimple stained forehead a white shirt hangs on his watch shoulders but no one ever noticed him Melissa the teacher asks and she says nothing because she is not here in melissa has never been here cuz melissa is just some abstract jumble of syllables that doesn't fit her position she's not what she seems she doesn't want to have to explain to her mother for the 230 second time while she doesn't want to wear a dress to prom doesn't paint her face because the whole body's painted on Melissa Melissa James is the one to have to explain where he came from kazoo the exception that Melissa he has been deemed an abstract reality by everyone all he wishes for is to get to wear a tuxedo to prom and Melissa has been tugging at breath steadily growing for three years now but using duct tape to press them down and mold and more into pecks she just wishes that people would understand that at birth her genitals know which way to grow mad at God who can relay the message directly to her hormones that they should produce more testosterone the only person who understands her is James and they've been playmates since the age of four around the time girls noticed boy and boys notice girl he James's family wanted daughters instead of son and Melissa was always like that male Beatle that everyone called the ladybug Melissa Melissa where is she sometimes she wasn't she could rip the skin off her back every moment of every day Daniel thought to the place of a stranger Melissa and she stands to her feet wanting to say I'm here and I've been here since I was born so when asking me on him or her cuz when you combine the two pronoun to get hir here and God combined the two genders and put me in this party transgendered I'm here to quit talking about me like I'm not here James falls back into Melissa's skin and the to comfort each other and their syncopated heartbeats waiting for the day when Melissa can finally scrub off this made-up genetic makeup when the teacher asks for jeans and he can say I'm here all right Nick's on the stage

20 thoughts on “"Hir" Poem about trangsgendered youth.

  1. I've watched this so many times but I still get tears in my eyes every time I watch this.

  2. This hits hard since I can't come out as trans to my family because my dad can't comprehend that he has 2 sons not a son and a daughter

  3. Am I the only trans person who hates this poem? It’s such a shallow representation of transness, written by two women who clearly haven’t lived that experience. Screaming cliches doesn’t make them “authentic”.

  4. I’m literally sitting in my room crying covered in goosebumps. That was truly incredible.

  5. I have listened to this a million times and it makes me so happy. Everyone still calls me by my deadname and this names me so happy. I just want to be known as a "real boy".

  6. It's like a butterfly who wants to be captured as "beautiful" but instead, people identified it as an "ugly moth"! Very painful to endure so much pain! James just wanted to be identified as a "handsome butterfly or a handsome male beetle" instead being called "Melissa the ugly female moth or a ladybug"!

  7. I have the opportunity to do this poem, but my parents will be there. I came out to them, and they didn't accept me. I am forced to go by she/her at school, when I know I'm a boy.

  8. I’m trans, but still questioning who and what I am.. and this poem is amazing.

  9. Being born in the wrong body can really, really suck! Being born male while identifying as female can make you feel like a prisoner in the wrong body due to the stigma from what is socially acceptable or unacceptable!

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