History: Novels, Society and History (Part 1)

studying history provides us cultural awareness so let's find out what this chapter novels society and history has to teach us hello young readers and writers my name is Devin Gupta welcome to history chapter normals society and history yeah East Africa introductory lecture guys how many fish leash abdomen chest Karanka print culture and the modern world homeless member Dada he print culture cases I sewer was made communication or literature ki a Aki nee forms rice we novels Latricia ki inform Kolkata friends Noah's name hamari society go what sorry different ways may influence ki ahead yah turkey logo keep thinking go transform kiya so normal scale is he influenced go so much Nikki heat novel ski history cosas resna both important head teacher hum novels key history go cases some drinking students no one ski history to summation k da how this traditions or India guy example in you come total is chapter Co seven lectures may complete Korean gate you first picture here choking introductory head second lecture muhammara topic hooker the rise of the noble just mayhem bath caring a Western nations main novels Casey right school fifth lecture three four five or six made of India kibarim about Korean come pardon gate key India mean no one's Casey rasoi yaha boy whose cake UK uses the women car knows Kazakh relations are offense nationalism a normal slinky Hill good the guy's seventh lecture may come finally is chapter could revise cutting it or novice key is Rico conclude currently so guys welcome to the series after up Carnevale lectures main computer how to our to please comment key g8 avaricum any lectures person died they like share and subscribe to be star to go to the next lecture that is about the rise of the novel just click here thank you for the time and don't forget to visit our website that is be use calm for more of some videos on various topics

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  4. novels are useful for different sections of society. justify

    please tell the answer

  5. Your lectures are good, but in coming generation your lectures will not steady. So you replace your videos to more features.๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

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  10. It is good but missed many topics and one more thing that u don't tell the meaning of hard word that u speak

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    I was so bad in social science but u r lectures r soo amazing. thank u so much my concepts r clear becoz of u ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Always left some of the important pts of chapters but nice explanation.Try to do better than before

  13. Are bhyye summary kon pooch raha hai thoda detail me batao na jisse hame saare topic acche se samajh aayen wrna hamse is chapter me ghanta bhi kuch ni hoga…

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  17. The lectures are really gud and helpful to me but please elaborate them

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