HITMAN™ Patient Zero – The Author, Sapienza (Silent Assassin Suit Only / No Loadout)

47 Diana here listen closely we've got an emergency on our hands I have to brief you on route improvisation is part of the craft go on when we eliminated the targets in Bangkok it appears we misjudged what the cult was capable of I misjudged it this should be interesting yes well I'm afraid eliminating the azov activated at the ring of sleeper agents my current theory is that the network's signal spike in Bangkok was a ghost signal something automated the kill switch who are the targets so far we've identified two cult members meeting in Sapienza to exchange a viable weapon something and I quote the client asks us to eliminate them both and extract your first target is Craig black renowned author of the cassandra' snow franchise he's hosting a late-night book reading in the Sapienza Church a VIP event invitation only his publisher has spared no expense also expect on-site security the second target yes brother accurate intercepts indicate they will meet at the stroke of midnight to hand over the viral weapon it is highly likely that Craig black will leave sapiens at once he has the weapon plan accordingly the client requires that you retrieve the weapon Intel indicates it's small and easily moved but be careful with it the pickup team will be ready when you extract I've uploaded the rest of the information let me know what you need and I'll make sure it's ready when you arrive you you good evening 40 cent Jesus [Applause] please help I will save curse turns really come on I quite like this point and I could see there are a few new faces in the crowd so we through it again Michael and Constantine faced each other Michael is intense eyes Constantine with his soulful mouth and hair flowing the winds of the immaterial world Michael almost shouted Constantine you're putting us both in danger it's not about me it's about her I am vouchsafed and the city of the light will receive me no matter what happens but if the dark Watchers find her there is no telling what they will do Constantine said nothing for the longest time I held my breath for longer waiting to hear what he said then before he could speak I couldn't bear it any longer like man I left both of them there in the graveyard and ran into the forest behind me their ghostly words floated away on the wind as I ran soon the sounds of the forest and swallowed their arguments I'm really exploring the relationship between Michael and Constantine and how they relate to Cassandra I'd really like to take that to new places in the next book and see how they might react were they to lose her break time everyone feel free to blog about the experience and your impression but remember no spoiler that is Craig black author and aspiring mass murderer [Applause] [Applause] okay we're in the safest brother second time to clear he isn't particularly discreet all right it could have been a lot worse we're all in one piece no problem someone there what was that possession do decaf little objectives complete good work [Applause] [Applause] yeah

11 thoughts on “HITMAN™ Patient Zero – The Author, Sapienza (Silent Assassin Suit Only / No Loadout)

  1. [Breaks open door with crowbar]
    "I found a weapon, I don't appreciate it lying around."


  2. I want to start with that i have massive experience with youtube video watching on phone and litterally few minutes ago i accidentally discovered that if you watch video full screen and double tap on screen you can skip 10 seconds and every extra tap ads extra 10 secs. How tha fuck did miss that? I have wasted centuries on moving that red line with fat sweaty finger allways taping on something i dont need. Its easely top 10 achievements in my life

  3. There is an expert assassin nearby … eh there is no problem

  4. Is it funny how the author in this Doomsday Cult is basically the writer of Twilight lol….ish.

  5. It takes alot of skill to achieve 5 hitman logos with no loadouts or other suits

  6. I did mine in about 5 minutes. Check my channel for my way of doing it

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