21 thoughts on “HITMAN – The Gravedigger Challenge – The Author

  1. Can someone contract 47 to kill George RR Martin…

    And while he's at it, finish the last book for him?

  2. Okay I knew 47 prepares for missions, but he actually read the books? Damn, that's being thorough. Let's hope for is sake he's never contracted to kill E. L. James 😀

  3. The way that goon eats the bullet at 5:03 is creepily realistic. Arms flail around and all. I fckng love this game.

  4. Should have killed the guy who stole credit for YOU fixing the lights
    That kind of monster cannot be allowed to roam free

  5. Hiya buddy i was on sapienza on the pc earlier on and i noticed your name on the leaderboard at number 12, i just wondered how you managed to get such a time at 1:06, 🙂

  6. 47 sounds a bit too happy reciting his literary knowledge. Kind of like he's taunting Black before killing him!

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