Hitomi poem by Javier Estrada

Hitomi by Javier Estrada Every time I wake up in the light is filling the room. I tend to forget about the illness I’m in my 30s now and unlike ever before the days seem more clear Japan I came to you on a feeling That’s it I’m walking out the door and I get your text Hitomi You asked with honest eyes if I’d come so Here I am. I text you back saying see you tonight Mid-may in the Chioda ward, Tokyo the Kanda Festival was in full swing the spring in warm nights filled the earth with joy I’m with Sato and Kimiko my friends we are at a pub in Akihabara and the cherry blossoms are intoxicating to the eyes the ones that I can see as I look through the window. I Make a crude joke. I am laughing and so is Kimiko Sato not so much since the joke was aimed at him He cracks the half-smile towards the end of our laughter later into the night Yamazaki and Hitomi join us. Hitomi buys me a beer and Our fingers touch as she passes me the cold perspiring glass she smiles at me We’re all drinking good beer and eating good food. I take another sip of my beer look at Hitomi and feel glad

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