HNB – 2 (Mizo Novel)

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35 thoughts on “HNB – 2 (Mizo Novel)

  1. Biak lawk che ka van duh em aw… Fakna dah zuai vel hi i remti ve mial em le? 30 seconds vel lek.
    I biak pawh theihna tur number neih a rem em?

  2. Lalrawna tih chhiartu khan bung24 na tirah khan hmana i thu leh hla i voice kha arawn hmanga…😄

  3. Ka va khamlo tak emmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…… Naaaaaaaaaaaaa ninawm,,, Fri a bonus awmloh phei chuan Karleh dawrh ani leh dawn sia… 😔

  4. Ka hringnun hman Dan nen a in mil deuh nual vang nge,,a sawitu in pek na leh in buatsaihna that Vang zawk ,,ka ngaithla ning thei thlawt lo..

  5. Ka ngaihthlak tui lai tak hian ti nge …fakna vai ho an rawn ri leh vak2 a vawi3 vel ka ngei khawp mai 😂😂😂😂

  6. A va ngaihnawm em em ve mole..min lo thlir reng tu awm ni ngat se chuan ka rilru a kimlo emaw an ti ngei ang..tenawm khawpin a ngaihnawm e

  7. I chhiar dan hi ngaihthlak a nuam ee.. A special lutuk anih kha.

  8. A rei lo thei lutuk hi maw, Ka Thin hi a rim lek lek thin, ni leng zan khua pawn ngaih thlak thei ni se ka ti..

  9. Zanin chu pek hnih khat lek ka pek nen ka va khamlo zual em..
    Sel leh sawina tur ka hrelo a mood ah ka cheng.. lalthian, kan share kual teh ang belhchian i dawl tlat👍

  10. Lawbgtkai lam chu vc inthlan a nia a hminga sawrkar hna vuan ta chu vote chhiar tura ruat ka nih angin sawrkar lam thuawiin ka han chhiar ve a kan zo chiah in ka thleng ka ngsithla nghal hmaks…

  11. Zawhte hi ka ran ngainat vak lo an nia…mahse he thawnthu ngaihthlak zawh meuh chuan ZAWHTE nih a chak awm hle mai😋

  12. Zan1 atan chuan a tawi mah+ ani a moodah ka lo cheng leh veng+ tawh Mai.. ngaihthlak anuam thin e

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