HNB – 4 (Mizo Novel)

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31 thoughts on “HNB – 4 (Mizo Novel)

  1. Ngaihthlak a va nuam thei em veleh,a thu hi a tawk in chhiar thiam bawk si

  2. A chhiar tu in a hneh sawh bawk a,tu khaw hriat loh in khi sawng reng mai lawm le😁….lo ti jel teh ka tui tawh khawp my….ka nghak hlel tawh khawp my

  3. Thu chhiar hi chu i thiam over bon top ani,,zurui tawngdan te poh i thiam vek a,,a ngaihnawm thin e,,a story a ngaihnom piah lamah i chhiar dan hian a ngaihnawmna a ti zual bawk

  4. Rinloh hlan hian a tawp thut zel aaaaa…..hei aia hian a sei deuh theilo mi awww.😁….a ngaihnawm thlawtttt e😇😘😘

  5. A van ngaihnawm thin tak em.. Ka ngaihthlak zawh meuh hi chuan ka lung a leng rawih zel.. 🙁

  6. Enge i chhan na chu…..k hre chak😊😊 a tawp laklawh thei sia..beng verh tawk lek in mi i siam a…k thinphu a rang rap mai mole☺☺

  7. Oooo i chhan dan te chu tihlan law2 awm che hian

    I rui tak hial lo maw ahunqh khian Lalmal🤣😎

  8. Dik chiah. Ui sa an ei ve duh loh chuah, Behlawi chu an bai mai tur a ni…

  9. Hmangaihna nge Barulhna tih hi chapter dang a awm cuan khawngaih in mn lo share teu a..chapter4 chiah hi ka hmu a.

  10. Engtik lai pawh a ngaihthlak tur awmse itawng khi k ngaithla reng peih

  11. ava han ngaihnom teh lul em.. hetiang hian zofate hi kanlo talent ani maw.. Film a siam ka it tak meuh

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