Holi Poem

Title of today’s poem is holi. It is written
in the context of holi festival. Holi is a festival of color and joy. At this time, the
earth is covered with color. Poet asks earth whether rainwow colored surface is her true
color and whether she is truely happy. Is everyone living in her lap happy too or someone
is out there with very heavy heart. Who is watching behind the colorful cloud? I am totally
puzzled and why is god silent today? I am forgetting everything. I wish that I
had colorful bow and arrows which i would have targetted at the horizon of forgetting
mind. While it is easy to remember everything but it is very difficult to cure my heavy
heart. Who can stop my bleeding heart. I can pay any price for holi’s color, you can use
my heart as watergun. My heart is covered with blood. I wish that
someone can clean it with one’s tear. Can someone cry for me with affection and love?
I don’t want holi’s color while I am walking. I only need one drop of tear which has fallen
for my sake. This is a new festival. Hey peacock! I need
art of dance from you. Hey godess of Sarwati, I need your gitar. Hey Krishna, I will need
your flute.Oh Yes, one last thing….all these preparations are useless unless my darling
accepts my offer to play holi with me.

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