Hollandaise Sauce Omelette du Fromage Tuna Recipes w Smoked Albacore

Okay, Vanessa, what’s happening here? We are making an albacore, smoked albacore tuna omelet, for the breakfast. Okay. And I start off with olive oil. Olive oil? Yes. And then we’ll add a little bit of homemade garlic butter to it, which gives a fantastic taste. Yeah. You can’t even really taste it, you know. It just gives an extra kick. Little butter. Yeah. Heat it up. Why do you use the olive oil? To bring the temperature up, for the omelet. Alright. Okay? Yeah. So this is hopefully going to be a perfect omelet. Ha ha. See, as soon as the butter foams, you pour in your egg, okay? What’s that, a couple of eggs? Yeah, about. Yeah, I always. I always do a whole bunch for the morning. Yeah. You kind of eyeball it, okay? Right yeah. So, you want to have a little bit of dill weed and some green onions in here. Dill weed and green onions? Yeah. Yeah, okay. It all goes really well with any fish. Yeah. Okay? And what we do now, is we’ll take this beautiful albacore too, which comes, by the way, from Finest at Sea. Fantastic place to shop. They have wonderful products. Where is that? I’ve been going there for years. It’s on Eerie Street, right on top of Fisherman’s Wharf. You know, when you come around the corner on Dallas Road there? Yeah. And that’s in Victoria, British Columbia? Yeah, it’s in Victoria, British Columbia, yeah. Okay. Fantastic place. They do their own fishing, and have all these fantastic boats up to the Queen Charlottes, and oysters, and everything else. Yeah. Oh, now. So you just folded it over, right? I got carried away. Uh oh. And we’ll use a little bit of cream cheese in here. That’s just ordinary cream cheese? Ordinary cream cheese. Gives it a wonderful texture. Okay. Flip it over. Yeah. And just. Cover it? Leave it or a little bit okay? Okay. And what we have here on the side, are some fantastic yukon gold young potatoes. Yeah. You leave the peels on? I leave the peels on because they are organic. Yeah. And the best, this is Herbs de Provence. Herbs de Provence? Okay. Yeah, I make it myself with fresh lavender. Yeah. And here we have some Himalayan sea salt on the potatoes. Right. The omelet, I never season with salt, only a little bit of pepper maybe, because there is so much salt in it, from butter and everything else. Yeah. I’m going to dish it out now. Okay. Over here. Yeah. Oh, there goes the phone. Here, well, the phone has to wait now. Okay, we’re back to this omelet after that phone call. Yes. After the phone call, ha ha ha. Yeah. So, here, I’m just going to throw some capers into a little bit of olive oil. You kind of deep fry them quickly, okay, because that’s what we do. Right. And in the meantime, we can take some of these wonderful potatoes with herbs de Provence, and just put them over here. Yeah. And here we have some, a little breakfast salad on the side. Mm hm. And it has heirloom tomatoes, black, red, and yellow. Yes. And I put some crema di balsamico on this, which is the balsamic with a little honey, and a little bit of cornstarch, you know, on top. So the, yeah. And fresh basil leaves. Fresh basil from the plants, right? It’s on a bed of just chopped iceberg lettuce. Okay, so here we have hollandaise. béarnaise actually, with different herbs, fresh cilantro, fresh dill, fresh basil, you know, just a combination of herbs. Yeah. And these capers. Capers? Deep fried capers go on top, okay? And why do you fry the capers? To pop them? They bring the flavour out. Yeah. The flavour is much better. And a little piece of the tuna on top, you recognize it. And this is a chiffonade of purple basil. Purple basil, fantastic. Never heard of it. So there you go. Okay, and this was. The tuna came from Finest at Sea, right? Finest at Sea, fantastic place. Yeah. Good local business. Yeah. Thank you. Closed Captioning by Kris Brandhagen. [email protected]

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  1. it would be nice, if you write the recipe as well. sometimes its impossible to hear what lady is saying.

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