Hololens demo by Guna and Team: June2017

greetings. we will demo about virtual reality with mixed reality using hololens . It will be one of the technology to be used in training and teaching Participants in our training will learn to use the hardware and required knowledge through hands on sessions. Mr. Ron Wong, Technical Expert , will be our master trainer to educate me and showcase 3 demos using hololens especially t0 include Tamil language. Today we will understand how to include Tamil in this futuristic media and how to bring the basic of Tamil, like dance, music and literature alive by learning in immersive environments Its like wearing a eyewear glasses. I can touch feel the learning objects virtually.They are very realistic. Tamil Poet Barathiyar’s Poem is shown in Tamil I can view in 360 degrees environment. Im able to interact with the universe and learn about earth. Participants in our future classes will learn to include content and share them. Mixed reality will be explained in detail by Mr. Ron Wong with 3 realistic examples.Our Learners will have opportunity to develop such contents. It bring interactive elements as lively as possible. Its possible to learn from any part of the world using this technology. Now its is possible to develop Tamil content to be used in teaching and training.3D models will alive in front of your eyes with reality. Even a elephant and a shark can come in front of you so your can visualise them as real as possible.

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