Homeless In Manchester | Britain’s Forgotten Men

This Cornerhouse,
this old pictures. To me, it’s a squat,
and I know we always get evicted, but the people who rely on us,
the people who rely on the squat, they call it home. Last time we met Chris, he’d set up
a squat for the city’s homeless in the disused Cornerhouse Cinema. The authorities are determined
to get him out. SIREN WAILS Sunday morning, six o’clock. My friend, Nick, heard a lot of
stamping across the room. I didn’t. I was in the land of Nod. I just heard Nick
trying to raise the alarm. I jumped up, they were abseiling
down the walls, coming through the windows
and doors. Proper Indiana Jones tackle
if you ask me. Must have cost hundreds of thousands
as well. On a Sunday, seven o’clock
in the morning, another 20 people on the streets of
Manchester again. They confiscated our stuff
and then we can only get it back, “if we could produce photo ID” was the quote of the morning. Yes or no? Ten o’clock
in the morning, can I turn up here without photo ID cos
I don’t have any… Most people on the street
have lost everything they own. Everything they own. I’ve been sent to jail for this
twice. And he sent me to jail, everybody lost everything they
owned in all the buildings. We’re here to help you to
get it out… Ha-ha-ha! There’s about 15 of us
all stood on that island there with all our belongings. Being offered fire blankets and
cold God-knows-what. You’ve got no respect for the law,
not one fucking bit. You bunch of sad tits. We were back on the streets.
with what belongings we could carry, what we could muster in trolleys. I know you’ve got your home. When you go and look at your wife
tonight, and you pillow-talk her on
the bed, how do you explain to her you just made a fucking 19-year-old
girl sleep rough? INTERVIEWER: How did it make you
feel? Small. Powerless. Have to go and look for a new home. You’re recording his fucking feeble
attempts to roll a… Philip can’t roll for shit, don’t
let him fool you. I can roll you under the table
and smoke you under the table. What? Fucking hell, man. Fuck me, how many brothers can you
fit in one room? I was in a fucking mess on Friday. Me and Dale crawled in at about
eight o’clock in the morning. Eight o’clock in the morning,
we crawled in like that. We had literally drank ourselves
sober. INTERVIEWER: What’s it like trying
to raise six boys, on your own as well
most of the time? It’s hard. They’ve got into trouble
quite a bit. Some of them, you know, but the lads
keep me going. I’ve not been able to work at all,
man. I’m on zero income cos I’ve got no
money at the minute. That’s apparently shampoo from
jail, but it’s weed, man. So… What?! Shampoo from jail. What, did Philip give you this?
Yeah. Then he said it was lube. So what’s that say about him? He says he dropped
the soap many a time and they carried extras,
like spares. I can believe that. You go round here, yeah, you’ve got to grow up learning to
fucking graft for your money or you’re just going to be a bum.
You’re just going to be a bum. Simple. Right, I’m going to start to use… We’re fucking waiting for you. You all right? I’m just doing what I can
to get fucking dough at the minute. What happens if you get caught,
though? That’s the thing. You get caught, you get caught.
You do time. You do it. You’ve got to be a man.
Do you know what I mean? Dale, are you drinking tonight? I’m getting twisted, mate,
what about you? INTERVIEWER: How did you graduate
from robbing houses to being involved with guns? I just thought it was a cool thing.
Just liked it, innit? It was easier to rob someone
as well. I got arrested for four gunpoint
robberies cos I was 16. And I went, “Guilty”. I got two
years for each one. That’s eight years in total
but they all ran concurrent. I only ended up doing a year
in jail. Could anyone have done something to
intervene at that point? I don’t think they could.
It was the area I was brought up in. The choice of friends that I had. There wasn’t another
choice of friends, like. When I think back about it now,
I can’t believe that I did that. It’s the most skankiest, trampiest
thing anyone could do. Music is a part of it that does
really help me as well. Staying on the straight and narrow. CHEERING Put your hands
together for Black Jack. # Look in my eyes
you will see the real life pain # Through the window # Tell my soul you can see the rain # It’s been a bumpy ride ever
since a young age… # INTERVIEWER: So talk to me about
your next project. Thinking about getting
about eight people from Wythenshawe, living round that life. I’m just thinking about putting
a song together. Yes, Roo, what’s going on? It’s going to be like eight
bars each… Yeah. ..on the verse, 16. And then chorus. Going to be a singer. Yeah. Girl singer from Wythenshawe. I think it’s got a day, though. I’m going to stick it on my own
channel. And get a bit more recognition. You could just block a day. Find
out a day and we’ll book it in. It works, bro.
Yeah, definitely. Plan that. It’s been five months since the Cornerhouse squatters were
evicted, and a lot of them are still looking
for a permanent home. How are you doing, man? I’m all right. How are you?
I’m all good. I’m all good. I’m back again. Welcome to the
Cornerhouse 2. This is home. Are you coming up?
Are you coming in? Right, this is the first wall. This is where we’re running
the night shelter from. We’ve got two working toilets there. We’ve got hot water, cold water. Working hair dryers. So you can get a good wash and a
good dry and it’s warm instead of cold. The equipment, the biscuits,
the cereals, the vegetables, the bread, the fridges, the cookers, the knives and forks, plates,
everything, it all came from the kindness
of the people of Greater Manchester and the surrounding areas. As you can see, it’s not five-star. And last night was our busiest
night. We had nine in last night. It’s our fourth night open. Town Hall. Manchester City Centre. It’s quite a Gothic beautiful
building, isn’t it? But unfortunately, there’s
nothing beautiful inside it. There’s just a bunch of ignorant
councillors who refuse to acknowledge
what’s going on in these streets and these doorways. Last time we hung out with Chris, Jordan was also
staying at the Cornerhouse squat. Chris! Chris! But since the eviction, we’d lost contact. Have you seen Jordan recently? I have seen Jordan recently, yes. Jordan is not well. And I wish he’d either get in touch
with me, or his brother or just go back
to the hospital. But unfortunately, Jordan is out in
the wind at the moment, roaming the streets of Manchester
again. Toiling with whatever he’s toiling
through in his head. But I know one thing. His body is
very, very bad. He needs rest. He needs relaxation. He needs health care. SIREN WAILS DOG BARKS Want half a painkiller, or not?
No, thank you, yeah. Mum’s life. If you don’t want to
take it, don’t take it. I’m not doing it on my fucking own.
I’m like a dickhead. What are you doing? Not a lot. I’ve
just got back from the gym. You’re not minging now? I’m sober at
the minute, mate. There’s something wrong with you.
Detox. I’m only back here cos I split up
with me ex. Dale is a dad. But as he’s estranged from his
girlfriend, he’s lost contact
with his boy. He’s just over two now and I’ve
not had a night alone with him. I’ve not had time alone with him. The first time, literally, since a
couple of weeks after he was born, was a couple months ago, that I got to take him
to the shop which was just around the corner. DOG BARKS It’s up to her, to be fair. I mean, everyone that knows me will
tell you. I’m not a bad guy. I don’t go out and I don’t fight and
I don’t do this, I don’t do that. So there’s no reason to do
that to me, to be fair. INTERVIEWER: What’s it like on the
street like that? It’s colder, it’s windier,
it’s wetter. It’s a lot harder to find a dry,
comfortable place. I said there’s no spikes there
already. Just gets grimmer. A lot grimmer. People died in the city centre,
from exposure. What’s been going on, mate? I can’t even remember, at all. Can’t remember anything, but what
I’ve been told is, I got found on Market Street
unconscious. Erm… Obviously paramedics got called. They gave me five hours to live on
arrival at the hospital. It was a rare heart infection. All I remember after that was waking
up in hospital 18 days later. I was in a coma for 18 days. I was in hospital for two month. I left… A little bit earlier than I
should have. I thought I were all right. To be honest, I still need to go and
get a check-up, cos they didn’t finish the
antibiotics. So, the infection could come back. I don’t know. It’s life-threatening, so. I know I need to do summat
about it, but… ..been slacking. We bumped into Chris. Yeah, I know I seen Chris up there
last week. Speaking to him. He was telling me that he’s
opened a new squat and that, so. He’s not received a lot of help,
has he? In terms of accommodation, so what’s he going to be able to do
for me? You know what I mean? Not much you can really do, is
there? Everything I own is here in the
corner. Basically this is me. But, yeah, this is me army
sleeping bag. Proper, proper sleeping bag. It’s kept me warm when it’s been,
like, -12 outside. The luxury of a pillow, which I’ve
made by stuffing pillowcases inside pillowcases, inside
pillowcases. A spare rucksack, a spare
sleeping bag. And then pretty much everything
I own… ..fits into me cupboard. And that all
fits inside my rucksack. It’s shit out here. Are you using again, mate? No. Not using. Don’t get me wrong,
I’ve thought about it. But… Nah. I used to be an addict. I used to be a wrong’un, I used to
be getting in trouble all the time, I used to being an angry kid. And I was an angry kid because I
weren’t getting nothing back. I were putting everything into my
life and I were just getting kicked in the teeth, as you can see. I’ve been homeless for
six years, on and off now. And all I’ve seen is the most
youngest, the most vulnerable, the poorest,
end up out here. For no reason at all, than either being poor, young or
vulnerable. They’re being stitched up. In every way. The means-testing system, the
austerity courts, they’re only designed to affect us. When I was in hospital,
they instantly stopped my money. What, they sanctioned you? They suspended my benefits
altogether. Because you missed an appointment? Yeah. Everything for my kids, I’ve had to
fight for. Every bit of help, every bit of
support, I have had to fight for. What do you think the future holds? It’s everything, really. I want to be world champion. Why are you watching porn?

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