Homestuck – September’s Rhyme – Trickers (CC)

Green and black Yellow, red Rub your belly Pat your head Corners Edges Middle part Close one eye before you start Nine times backwards Sideways round Opens doors you’ve never found Key flies in without a sound Leopard whiskers, colored coat Let the lie escape your throat Circus dances Open roads Seal the spell There must Be Blood Fly through kisses Don’t be rude To latitude Or longitude Solve the puzzle, turn the key Bleed a bit and then Fly free Hold your courage, pumpkin dear One shoe off The way is clear

9 thoughts on “Homestuck – September’s Rhyme – Trickers (CC)

  1. This is what happens when StrexCorp takes over Homestuck.

  2. Can you do Run Boy Run for Signless? If not can you do Get Out Alive for The Scourge Sisters? I just did a quick skim through your videos so I don't know what you did -3- Anyways, it would be greatly appreciated!

  3. could you do Dulescar x Mindfang x Summoner with the song Neptune by SJ Tucker. please and thank you.

  4. I know you're super busy with all the amazing work, and truly do mean it when I say these are amazing! But have you ever heard the song Lorelei sung by Blackmore's Night? I think it'd be a good fit for Feferi and Eridan. You don't have to make a video to it, I would just like to know your opinion on it. Thank you so much and keep up the amazing work!!

  5. any body else here know the artist of this song? just looking for sumerland peeps

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