Hope at Christmas Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s Story

hey everybody I’ve spent the last couple
days thinking about a sermon that I’m supposed to preach and I came across
this story that is just so powerful about a song that I used to sing all the
time but I didn’t really think about much about the story behind it and the
song that I’m talking about is I heard the bells on Christmas Day now this song
started out as a poem and it was written by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow at the
time that he rolled this poem Henry longfellow dealt with auto depression
and despair and mostly because of his personal loss in 1860 his wife died in a
domestic fire and he tried to save her but in the process he actually got old
burnt the next day his wife died but he couldn’t even attend her funeral because
of all the injuries he sustained the Christmas after his wife died
Henry Longfellow wrote in his diary how an expressively sad are the holidays a
year after her death he wrote in his diary that I can make no record of these
days better leave them wrapped in silence and then he got the word that
his son got injured on the battlefield and now because of a bullet that kind of
pierced through his shoulder and hit his spine now he will be paralyzed for the
rest of his life on Christmas Day 1864 he wrote this I heard the bells on
Christmas Day they’re old familiar carols play in wild and sweet the words
repeat of peace on earth goodwill to men and as he hears these bells he writes
that he hears other noises and this is what he says then from each blood a
cursed mouth the cannon thundered in the south and
with a sound the carols drowned off peace on earth goodwill to men and then
despair I bowed my head there is no peace on earth I said for hate is strong
and mocks the song of peace on earth goodwill to men
so in this contrast between hearing the good news the bells of hope and also
hearing the cannons in the south of blasting and of war of hate of all these
things that are represented in the Civil War as he hears this contrast he writes
this then peel the bells more loud and deep God is not dead nor doth his thing
the wrong shall fail the right prevailed with peace on earth goodwill to men so I
hope that as you go towards Christmas this song will encourage you this story
will encourage you to know that regardless of all the problems that you
were dealing with all the despair through my face because of your personal
loss or the things that you see around you regardless of all of that God came
and became like one of us through Jesus Christ that you might have hope that you
might have peace and also that one day he will put all those wrongs to right
and all those things that you are despairing over all those losses will be
restored back to you god bless you thank you so much for watching this video
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  1. Yo, brother. That was awesome. I never knew that about this song and that is so encouraging. You got a new subscriber and supporter in me. Keep it up and stay blessed. 🙌

  2. Thanks for this explanation and this song! I subbed bro! Let's continue to spread Jesus digitally!

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