Hope Is The Thing With Feathers | Emily Dickonson| Explanation | 9th Poem | #02

my friend ceases when I party and you're watching my channel my English so today we are going to see the plan of nine standard that his hope is the thing with feathers by Emily Dickinson stanza of the plain hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul and sings the tune without the words and never stops at all here the poetess says that hope as a bird she has used metaphor in the first line and the title of this one oh he's a little teacher with soft feathers that is born and Dan Byrd perches on the branches of the tree like that who also purchase or sits in the soul of human beings and sings the tune without the words as purchasing their tune without the words but create melodious songs and that song is giving joy to the others like that hope is there and that is also singing of melodious tune when a person or human being is in the difficult time or tough situation and that never stops at all means these two goes on forever for longer time or in the end or the eternal time in the second stanza the vortices and the sweetest in the gale is heard and so must be the storm that would attach the little god that kept so many more and this bird since the sweetest songs when there is Gale Gale means the strong wind and that song is the sweetest when the strong winds are there not only that strong wind but the strong student to what we say the storm and when the stormy winds up there where these powerful winds destroying wheels are there that time on so we can hear this song thus we test when they stormy winds powerful and destroyed wings that time ensue this purse sings the sweetest song and that storm even the storm cannot abash the little bird the storm is trying to destroy suppress the voice of this little bird but it could not do so and this bird has taken of a many people from the sadness or souls to the night of happiness third stanza I have heard it in the chillest land I am on the strangest singing yet never in extremity it asked a crumb of here the point is is using the pronoun i' in the first line so we can connect this point to the life of the word is that she like the person and she was hoping for the good in her life also she says I have heard it in the chillest land and on the strangest seas means she listening and strangest see is the sign of the difficult time in the human life and in this time also this bird hope is always there and this is always trying to take the humans out of the tough situation it never in extremity it asked the prom of me and when these extreme times are there that name also it is taking you out but it is not asking anything instead of this world but it goes on doing its work forever if you liked the video please subscribe and hit the like button and if you want any video on new topic please take me in the comment box Thanks

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