Horrible – Kids’ Poems and Stories With Michael Rosen

Horrible I was starving, all I had for breakfast was one apple and 15 raisins It was 12:30 and I had to get to Hemel Hempstead, so I bought a pizza And I ran and ran, and jumped on my train; as we pulled out of Euston station I began to eat. Trouble was my pizza was in a paper bag: one sloppy cheesy pizza, with the melting cheese and tomato stuck to the bag. So I peeled off the paper off my pizza but it was slippery and sticky, and the pizza came off in soggy lumps I scooped together and pushed into my mouth, and hmM blob by blob But then there were dollops of pizza hiding in the corner of the bag So I was holding the bag up to my face tipping it into my mouth Hmm. I was drinking pizza, and my fingers were running with dribbles of tomatoes and slops of spicy cheese all over my knuckles, so there I was licking up my skin, but my fingers were trailing all over my chin, so off went my tongue round my face Hunting for drips of pizza, but a bit of paper bag had got into my mouth So I was in there trying to get it out with the finger I was licking It was diving into the slobber in my mouth and I was snuffling with my nose, like I was breathing in pizza It was then I noticed the woman opposite. She was watching me She looked like she had never seen anything quite so horrible in all her life

54 thoughts on “Horrible – Kids’ Poems and Stories With Michael Rosen

  1. oh my god. u are actually the biggest pedo. i laughed so hard through this video hahahaha

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  3. This is one of those moments when you snap back to reality and wonder, "How did I even get into this (cheesy, sloppy, tomato sauce-filled) mess in the first place?" Pretty embarrassing.

  4. I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing that Michael explains this so well that I can actually envision him drinking the pizza from the paper bag.

  5. Just image what liquid pizza would look like and someone drinking it out of a paper bag this video almost made me throw up thanks a lot 😂

  6. I'm more concerned with what shop/diner sells pizza in a paper bag when cardboard boxes are convenient.

  7. Listening to him say ‘Peeeeeeeeled off the paper’ never gets old
    Still cracks me up after all these years

  8. the first 3 seconds of this video put me in the mood for spaghetti and garlic bread and i cant even begin to explain why

  9. Michael are you ok being a legend? Did you expect this? Of course you didn't but you are still a noice legend 😉

  10. It should be illegal to put something that greasy in a paper bag and not in a box

  11. I love you so much Michael you are so sweet and amazing thank you for the amazing work

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