Horror of 9/11 / A poem in memory of 9/11 attack

On September 11th 2001, life changed
2,977 INNOCENT people died on U.S. ground Terrorist came in like cattle from the range
That day they learned, you can’t keep a big dog down I remember sitting at a table
Sitting, studying, getting ready for school Suddenly I hear, turn on the news if you’re
able The next scene not so cool One tower struck by a plane
Here comes a second for the world to see Both towers now struck and the sky not so
plain It’s filled with smoke, ashes, and debris The heart ache our nation felt as they collapsed
Something so hard to explain Things got worse as time elapsed
Loved ones dying people exclaim Our nation united to show we couldn’t be
beat People all coming together as we should
Our first responders climbing without defeat They went into burning rubble to save all
they could That day brought a lot of tears
As people everywhere watched the horror unfold So many went home, sitting, crying, and living
in fear Now in history books, the story to be told The days continue to go by, and out comes
the sun We all move on with our lives so the loss
isn’t in vain Even though sometimes the tears peek out and
run Still our nations pride shall forever reign This specific day in history sure was rotten
But it will never, ever be forgotten.

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