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Hot Food We sit down to eat, and the potato’s a bit hot, so I only put a little bit on my fork and I blow til it’s cool, just cool, then into the mouth Nice. And there’s my brother, he’s doing the same til it’s cool, just cool, into the mouth. Nice. There’s my Mum, she’s doing the same til it’s cool, just cool, into the mouth Nice But my Dad; my Dad, what does he do? He stuffs a great big chunk of potato into his mouth, and then that really does it. His eyes pop out. He flaps his hands, he blows, he puffs, he yells, he bobs his head up and down. He spits bits of potato all over his plate, and he turns to us and he goes, “Watch out everybody, the potato is really hot!”

100 thoughts on “Hot Food | POEM | Kids’ Poems and Stories With Michael Rosen

  1. Oh, how lovely,
    Would it be,
    To make that thunderous click
    On command?

    But my lips,
    Are too thin,
    To demand that wondrous click
    On command.

    Best it be,
    To make amends,
    To leave that glorious click
    To Rosen.

    Here’s to hope,
    With some luck,
    I can make that enormous click
    On command.

  2. Micheal Rosen's Dad: "Watch out everybody, the potato's really hot!"
    Micheal Rosen + Mom and Brother: "Oh Really?" Face

  3. There should be a movie where Michael Rosen Snaps half the world out of existence 0:13

  4. This video is very educational

    I was searching on how to eat hot food, and this pops up

    Thank you for teaching me

  5. I am Chinese,after YouTube translate the English into Chinese,it turns out it’s called “famous food”

    And I don’t see the problem,look at those views!

  6. “Watch our everybody, the potato is hot”

    Potato: 😎

  7. And there's my brains do the same
    Till it's cool just cool into the mouth.

  8. My dad x2 what does he do?

    Good question let's check

    Eating cookies.

  9. We were having an math talk for exam,the teacher haven't come so they played tHis MaSTePiEce

  10. Wonder what my friends would think if they seen me in a 21 pound shirt that said noice

  11. The world still has to find out how to perfect Micheal Rosen’s
    Click nice

  12. If I ever had a kid I will show him this video I really love it

  13. When I figured out he made the book "We're Going on a Bear Hunt", I was so surprised that i have this book ;u;

  14. It's been 11 years this video was released. If you tried to disappear from the recommended videos…

    NOICE try.

  15. 2008: nah
    2009: nope
    2010: nah
    2011: still not there
    2012: wait a bit more
    2013: nah not yet
    2014: still not yet
    2015: maybe soon
    2016: but not now
    2017: wait a bit more
    2018: almost there
    2019: lEtS pUt tHiS iN tHe rEcOmMeNdEd nOw

  16. I’m so fricking annoyed they didn’t use Michaels click sound for thanos’s snap in infinity war

  17. Nobody realise the moral of the video, dad is always the guardian angel of the family

  18. I put this in IT and ICT hour in computer.
    Everyone clapped and said

  19. YouTube decided to throw this legend in my recommended and made my day happier

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